If you’re worried about your son or daughter falling behind in school, there are ways that you can try as a parent to prevent this problem. Doing everything possible to ensure that your child maintains good grades and is at the same learning level as school peers will help prevent future problems that could jeopardize your child’s education even more. Here are a few steps that you can take to keep your child from falling behind in school.

Address Bullying

Bullying can make learning much more difficult for children and hamper their education progress. If you suspect that your child is a victim or bullying, it’s important to have an honest conversation with your son or daughter so that you can recognize the extent of the problem. You may also need to schedule conferences with teachers, the school principle and the parents of the bullying children to try to reach a resolution. In addition to classic schoolyard bullying, it’s a good idea to investigate whether your son or daughter is a victim of cyberbullying.

Seek Any Needed Help with Mental Health

Certain mental health challenges and learning disabilities can make learning much more difficult for some children. Taking your child to a counselor or someone who diagnoses and treats learning disabilities may be the best option if school is proving to be especially difficult. Your child may have a learning disability such as ADD or dyslexia that has gone undiagnosed and can be treated with the right medication or other treatment methods. Counseling can also be good for children who suffer from mental health conditions like depression or bipolar disorder.

Hire a Tutor

A tutor can provide one-on-one lessons that cover a variety of subjects or can focus on a specific area of learning that your child might find particularly challenging. High performance tutoring and similar tutoring services match children with experienced tutors that offer help with subjects like math, science and reading comprehension. Tutors are also available to provide help with test preparation. It’s even possible to arrange lessons with a tutor through the internet instead of having to meet in person.

Consider Changing Schools

Your child’s school may not be providing the quality education that’s expected, and changing schools may be a possible option to consider. Simply changing schools can give children the fresh starts that they need to become more motivated to learn and boost their education. In addition to public schools, there are private schools that offer quality education programs and often have smaller classes so that students can receive more individualized attention from teachers.

Your child doesn’t have to continue to struggle with learning. By getting to the root of the problem and finding the right methods to move past any learning challenges, your son or daughter will be able to excel in their education.