Technological advances within the spa, health, and wellness industry have improved the way we destress, de-fuzz, and rejuvenate. From avoiding fillers to avoiding the gym, these are 6 ways technology is making it easier to look and feel your best, mentally and physically.

1. Laser Lights Give Better Than Natural Results

With many spa-goers looking for enhancement rather than an alteration, lasers can stimulate the production of your own collagen, boost brightness, and keep your skin in peak condition by battling imperfections.

Non-Invasive collagen regenerating treatments such as Ultherapy, helps you make a long-term investment in better skin by keeping it plump over time. This ultrasound technology is used to gently tighten your eyebrows, chin, neck, and fine lines on the chest area. The result is a natural-looking jawline or brow-lift.

2. Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual reality therapy has been used in hospitals to calm patients and transport their minds to places around the world. It’s also used to treat anxiety, stress, pain, and phobias during cognitive-behavioral therapy, without the use of medication. Spa visits benefit from this technology by allowing you a sensory-guided getaway.

Some spas have VR headsets placed next to loungers or as an add-on in the treatment rooms. You can relax on a beach in Fiji or meditate in front of a crackling fire, all while having your favorite bodyworker release your tense muscles. Virtual reality therapy easily enhances the treatment’s experience, raising the bar of services.

3. Advanced Body Composition Results

For the past 10 years, NFL teams have used the Bod Pod to measure their elite athletes’ body composition. This egg-shaped, computerized device assesses your volume and weight to ascertain your body density and calculate the percent of body fat.

Wellness spas, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and more holistic health methods, couple use of the Bod Pod with their own fitness classes or included in a wellness plan that’s been catered to your needs.

The Bod Pod will measure your body’s composition within minutes, without requiring you to be submerged in water.

4. Infrared Sauna

Using infrared lamps to warm your body directly, an infrared sauna is more efficient than a traditional sauna that heats the surrounding air. This provides an intensified sweat, with less heat used. Infrared saunas operate between 120 to 140˚F compared to 150 to 180˚F. The more tolerable environment allows you the opportunity to stay in the sauna longer and your core temperature to increase a few more degrees.

Some benefits of a sauna (infrared or traditional) include:

  • weight loss
  • better sleep
  • detoxification
  • arthritis pain relief
  • improved circulation
  • relaxation
  • increase flexibility
  • relief for sore muscles
  • clearer skin

Infrared is safe. It’s so safe, it is used in hospitals to keep newborns warm. For adults, infrared saunas can be found popping up all over the country. Om Life, an infrared sauna in NYC, states that, “In an infrared sauna, it is about more than just sweating – it’s a quiet place to relax, reflect, and focus on you,” and may be just the right treatment for you.

5. Reduce Cellulite & Tone Muscles

There’s a trend of fat reduction body treatments being combined with muscle toning. 2019 saw the launch of EmSculpt be highly successful at several clinics and spas throughout the nation. This year, the makers of CoolSculpting are releasing their own muscle-conditioning platform.

Non-surgical lipo, various radiofrequency, laser vaginal tightening, and improved laser hair removal treatments are also on the rise. Radiofrequency is even being used to bypass the unsightly scars associated with a breast lift. Most of these no-anesthesia-required treatments available can be done in a series during your lunch break, taking less than an hour to complete.

6. Inclusive Treatments

With the recent welcoming of all skin tones and types in the beauty industry, the spa industry was surely soon to follow. Clinics who’ve invested in additional training on managing and treating all skin tones appeal to a broader clientele.

Energy-based devices like Alift and Byonik are two of the new rejuvenation treatments

allowing darker skin tones to benefit from tech in the spa, thanks to their lack of heat emittance.

Wellness treatments can provide the confidence you need to take on the world. How we look and feel are now easily altered by technology. The advancements will continue to elevate your lives and spa experiences.

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