Chances are once things settle down and it’s safe to do so, those paused business trips will be once again scheduled. While business trips sound fun and exciting in theory, in practice, they can be a little tedious. You’re likely to spend more time at the airport than exploring a new city, and most people will simply want to get the trip over and done with. Here are some tips that’ll help make your business trips easier and less stressful so that you can travel like a pro.


  • Book your airport parking in advance


Business trips soon descend into chaos if you miss your flight, so make sure you’re well-organized and book your airport parking. Even if you’re making the trip there and back in a day, you can book LAX short-term parking in advance, which ensures you don’t turn up and find all the parking lots are full. 


  • Stick to carry-on luggage


Only bringing carry-on bags means you can get through the airports quicker at both ends. Check what your airline allows in terms of carry-on bags. Some airlines will allow you a small bag and a small suitcase, which is usually enough for a couple of days away. However, remember that carry-on luggage has tighter restrictions, including:

  • The liquids rule – all liquids must be in containers smaller than 3.4oz and fit in a quart-sized bag
  • Sharp items such as scissors or nail trimmers are banned
  • Tools, penknives or anything that could be used as a weapon should be left at home
  • Needles – if you need to bring needles along for medical reasons, make sure you have proof from your doctor

If you travel for business a lot, you may want to keep the essentials packed to save yourself time, and so you don’t forget essentials like a phone charger.


  • Get ready for security checkpoints


One of the most annoying things about air travel is having to go through security checkpoints, so make sure your bag is organized to make things easier. You’ll need to remove liquids and electronics, so keep them in a separate pouch. Wear slip-on shoes and avoid wearing a belt so that you can get through with minimal fuss.


  • Collect reward points


It’s worth signing up for airline loyalty programs when you travel for business, as you will accumulate points whenever you fly. You then have a better chance of a seat upgrade and can use the points for things such as free flights or lounge access. 


  • Put together a sleeping kit


Consider putting together your own kit of comfort items to help you sleep. An eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, and a good neck pillow will all help you get some shut-eye on flights, so you can arrive rested and ready for your meeting. 


  • Avoid indirect flights


While a layover can save your business a few dollars, it can turn a short, simple business trip into one that’s long and tedious, especially if you miss a connecting flight or it’s delayed. Pay a little more and save yourself hours at the airport.


  • Look for airlines with Wi-Fi


If you’re traveling during work hours, look for airlines that offer Wi-Fi, so you stay connected. Some airlines now offer free Wi-Fi as a bonus for frequent flyers, so again, make sure you are part of their rewards program to get this perk.

Traveling for business can be a pain at times, so make sure you’re well organized and have the essentials to hand for those last-minute trips.