With spring weather headed your way, it may be time to take a look around your home and take care of some maintenance, repairs, and updates. Here are four things you can do to keep your family healthy and comfortable with minimal effort and cost.

Get an HVAC Inspection

Your home should be comfortable indoors no matter the weather outside. The heating and cooling system helps to keep the house at a temperature that suits everyone in the family. To ensure your system is working efficiently and to identify any minor problems before they turn into big headaches, schedule an inspection by HVAC services professionals each year. They will go over the entire heating and cooling system to make sure everything is working as it should. Any broken parts can be repaired or replaced to keep the household air circulation clean and wholesome for happier, healthier loved ones. 

This is especially important for family members who have allergies. Around this time of year, pollen gets tracked inside or blown in through open windows, and poor air filtration can make for a miserable time for those who suffer from allergies.

Check Your Home’s Water

You may want to conduct a water test, which can often be obtained from your county’s health department, to check the quality of your home’s water supply. Whether you get city water that may contain fluoride or other chemicals or use well water, which might be infused with pesticides, herbicides, and natural chemical like sulphur, it is a good idea to know how safe your drinking water is and whether you should invest in a water filtration system. Test your water annually or if you suspect that recent conditions, like nearby construction, could have caused it to become contaminated.

Update the Electric

Unless your home’s electric system has been updated in recent years, you may need to have a ground wire added to a room that uses certain appliances or increase the power supply to ensure it is adequate for your household needs. Plugging in an appliance that blows a fuse or that needs an adapter can be annoying at best or harmful at worst. Have a licensed electrician check your electrical wiring and outlets to keep everything safe and useful for family members.

Evaluate the Roof

As spring and summer storms approach, get ready by checking to see that your home’s roof is stable and intact. Contact a roofer to conduct an inspection and let you know of any needed repairs. Have the work done before high winds cause damage that will be more costly to handle. Make sure the downspouts and gutters are also in good condition. Leaks that allow moisture into your home are not only unsightly, but they also can cause odors and promote mold growth, which is hazardous to human health.

Addressing these four issues can keep your home an enjoyable and healthy place to be. Schedule inspections and evaluations now before the busy spring season is in full swing.