Although glass is often overlooked as a home material, it offers many benefits like ease of maintenance, timeless style and a light, airy look. Glass is also one of the most environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials you can use in your home, which makes it a smart choice for allergy sufferers. Are you convinced? Then read on to discover the top four ways you can incorporate glass into your home remodel for elegant beauty and practical appeal.

Frosted Glass Walls

You may have seen frosted glass walls in schools, office buildings and stores, but this design feature isn’t just for commercial spaces. A frosted glass wall is a great way to separate a toilet from a shower or a formal dining room from a kitchen. Are you planning a garage conversion? Frosted glass walls are an economical and attractive way to partition the space. You can also add privacy and shade to a sunroom with a few frosted panes.


Adding a few glass mirrors to your home is both functional and stylish. While mirrors are a necessity in bathrooms, they can also add a lot of style to other areas. Place a mirror behind your wine collection to instantly double its size or hang a few decorative mirrors behind the sofa to open up the space. Don’t shy away from placing a large mirror in a small space. The reflection will make your room appear much bigger than it really is.

Glass Balustrades

Every staircase needs a balcony, but traditional wooden slat balustrades present a safety hazard for children, pets and the elderly. Solid pane glass balustrades, on the other hand, allow in plenty of light for visibility and prevent children from getting their heads stuck. Glass balustrade systems are also easy to install, and you can order glass baluster deck railing online for a do-it-yourself project.

Larger Windows

The most common use for glass in most homes is windows. Increasing the size of your windows and giving them more presence is a great way to update your home with contemporary style. Larger windows let in more light, which makes rooms look spacious. More natural light can even boost your mood and lower your energy bill.

Remember, there are many more ways to incorporate glass into your home remodel. Small glass touches like knobs and drawer pulls add the elegance of glass without breaking the bank. You can also incorporate glass into your furnishings with tabletops and cabinet doors.

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