If you’re a healthcare professional, knowing how to protect yourself from the things you come into contact with is key. However, it’s even more important now that you have Covid-19 to face. Many healthcare professionals on the frontline are struggling, and there isn’t always anything you can do to avoid getting sick other than weather the storm when you do. 

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions. Below we’ll go through a few things you should be doing now and in the future as a healthcare professional – but especially now:

Wash Your Hands Frequently 

The most simple piece of advice is to wash your hands frequently. You will already know this, and your healthcare practice likely has you do this whenever you enter a room. If you can’t wash your hands for whatever reason, you will need to use hand sanitizer. Something as simple as washing your hands and ensuring that you do so for a minimum of 20 seconds is one of the easiest ways to avoid the spread of viruses. 

Be Prepared To Self Isolate 

If you do experience symptoms of illness, you will need to be prepared to self isolate. This can be difficult for some if they do not get paid for time off, but it is imperative that any symptoms are kept away from other people, especially the vulnerable. Keep a close eye on how you feel to ensure you are not developing early symptoms, and if you do notice a change, let it be known as soon as possible. 

Masks and Gloves

Depending on your role in the workplace and the guidelines around what you wear, you may be discouraged from wearing masks and gloves as you work. However, if you can, doing so can help to reduce your chances of picking something up. 

Take Social Distancing Seriously

Even if you don’t have symptoms, taking social distancing seriously when you’re not working is important. This may not always be possible, but keeping a safe distance from others could save your life. 

Stay Up To Date With The News And Advice

Make sure you stay up to date with the news and advice from the WHO. New things are being revealed all the time, and staying up to date ensures that you know exactly what you should be doing at all times.  

Take Out Insurance 

If you don’t have it already, it could be a good idea to take out some Medical Indemnity Insurance, along with health insurance and anything else that could help you should you need it. If you have a family, life insurance may also be a good investment to make. 

Get Appropriate Vaccines

Make sure you get appropriate vaccines whenever you are able, as soon as you can. This is crucial and will help to protect you as you continue working on the front line and helping to cure the general public. 

Protecting yourself as a healthcare professional is not the easiest thing in the world, but with this advice, you have a better chance.