Finding and landing quality talent is essential to the success of your trucking company. Without good drivers, you are not able to move your goods, and you are not able to deliver exceptional service.


To help you find the best drivers possible for your trucking company, you should look at how your use of technology can assist in your finding and securing quality talent. Sure, you can still find good employees from time to time through conversations and traditional job recruiting strategies, but more than ever workers are seeking jobs through services that utilize advancements in technology.

Recruiting Agencies

You can turn to a truck driver recruiting agency to help you land the best talent. These types of agencies help you in so many ways. You can get help finding job seekers, and you can get assistance with staying in contact with those leads. You also can get extensive training on everything related to prospecting, recruiting, and securing talented drivers.


With so many great resources available to job-seekers, you must be sure to stand out. Truck driver recruiting agencies help you with those efforts. And once you get the attention of job-seekers, you have a much betters chance of those job-seekers coming to work for you and your trucking company.

Online Searches

If your company does not have a good handle on technology, you run the risk of job-seekers finding other companies when they search online for jobs. If you do not have your technology up and running to the latest tech standards, take the time to make that investment now. Your investment will not only help you with your HR needs. Your tech upgrades will help every part of your business.


You must know that technology is not just wires, modems, and platforms. You need to also understand search engine optimization (SEO) any effective SEO strategies to land the best job seekers. When you have a handle on SEO, you can even weed out drivers that might not have the type of driving experience you seek.

Social Media

As you probably already know, social media is now much more than profile photos, funny videos, memes, GIFs, hashtags, and statuses. More than ever, social media users are turning to social media platforms for all kinds of other information like advice, the news, and items for sale. But have you thought about how social media can help your company find drivers?


Your potential drivers are using LinkedIn more, and drivers use Facebook for job searches, too. Make sure that all of your social media platforms are current, and make sure that you use all the job posting and recruiting features that are available for you on social media.

Web Communities

Have you thought about using your tech abilities to post jobs to any of the several online communities? These web communities are a great resource for you in your efforts to find good drivers for your trucking company. You can find these groups through social media, and you can also find groups that have their own website.


Not only will you able to post your jobs, but you also can better directly interact with truck drivers that utilize web communities. You can find employees that are looking for work, and you can stay on top of truck industry news and topics. If you or anyone at your company is proficient with mobile apps, you can find online apps for these communities. And if you have the funds, staff, and expertise, you could even launch an app for your company, complete with job postings.

Use Tech to Find the Best Drivers

If you have failed to make technology a priority in your HR department, then you should get on that today. You will not only be able to find better employees, but you can use technology to help train and keep your worker pool.


If you are not a technology expert and you have limited resources, see what you can do first with the four areas covered above. For those of you with a better handle on tech and resources are no issue, see what you can do to expand your technology in those areas.

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