Moms and dads, do you often ponder what it will take to be well-prepared parents for your teen? While it may be unrealistic to try to think of everything, there are many ways to set the stage for more productive experiences.


Timing is Everything


The most effective time to prepare for adolescence is when children are very young. Teaching moral values with love, respect of differences, patience by example and providing a safe environment exhibiting the value of life are the invitations a teen needs to thrive.


Teens and Mother Nature


Being a teenager means all kinds of health surprises. Hormones, physical appearances and emotions are really changing. Making time for scheduled appointments with pediatricians or general practitioners can help parents keep abreast of these inevitable medical changes.


Dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist will help deter bigger oral hygiene issues that may arise. Arranging for an invisalign consultation is a great way to plan for simpler dental and orthodontic experiences. Caring about a teen’s smile is a critical contribution to their self-esteem.


Teens and Attitudes


It can be a challenging reality to watch teens enter into a world of uncharted attitudes when they used to simply be adorable kids. This period of testing is a wake-up call for the whole family to stand strong in unity.


Take note of behavioral changes. Anxiety, fear, isolation or examples of acting out could signal inner distress. If possible, adhere to these tips before the teenage years to establish a stronger communication foundation:


– Respectfully acknowledge fears, anxiety or other notable behaviors.

– Help teens set small, achievable goals.

– Listen with patience and undivided attention.


Let Freedom Ring, Softly


The teenage years are also about learning to accept more mature responsibility by understanding more mature consequences. Teenagers need guidance on what this means. Try these tips on how to communicate more effectively:


– Trust is a two-way street. In order for more mature privilege to be rewarded, teens must trust your guidance. In order for parents to trust, teens must be given small, age-appropriate opportunities.

– Further develop trust by keeping communication open, patient and on-topic.

Staying connected to your teen’s world offers your teen the time and attention they deserve. Being a better-prepared parent of a teen can help teen years feel a little less daunting. Parents, you’ve got this. Just a little planning and a lot of love will help your teens be the best they can be.

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