The exterior of your home can make a statement about the rest of your house. This means that you need to get out there once the snow has melted. Here are some of the ways that you can go about improving the outside of your home.

Consider Your Gutters

Gutters can become damaged during the winter snows. Making sure that your gutters are hung properly will also ensure that you don’t experience damage to the exterior of your home. To make cleanup easier to manage year round, invest in covers or a capped gutter to keep your exterior cleaner. This solution will prevent you from having to worry about your gutters getting clogged and will improve the appearance of your home. Another good thing is that the snow will just slide off of them during the next winter season.

Evaluate Your Finish

The type of siding that your home has will change how you handle the cleaning process. Vinyl siding can simply be washed using a pressure washer to remove all of the dirt and other accumulated debris. Wood siding can also be washed, but you may also need to repaint it. Another solution to consider is increasing the R factor of your whole home by installing new siding that contains insulative material underneath it.

Look to Pathways

Your pathways and driveway can start to date even the best maintained exterior. A pressure washer may come in handy to remove moss and other dirt. You may need to use a cleaner that will break down some of those tougher stains. Select something that’s safe for the environment and for your family. A calcium and lime based cleaner tends to work the best when it comes time to gets these causeways back into shape. You may even want to consider resealing them so that your efforts can last for a while.

Easy Window Cleaners

Dingy and grimy windows can be a bane for any homeowner. There are easy solutions to this problem which don’t involve you having to haul out the ladder. A simple cleaning bottle that can be attached to your hose can allow you to clean your windows without the same amount of manual labor. Make sure to do this type of activity on a sunny day so that your windows can dry quickly without leaving spots all over them.

Spring cleaning needs to occur on more than just in the interior of your home. Use these tips to get you going on your cleaning chore list.

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