You need to target the right IP addresses to grow your online business. This strategy helps in boosting your brand image and increasing your bottom line. Most of your marketing efforts hinge on your content. Since you spend a great deal of money coming up with messages that resonate with your target audience, you want them to share this and help you spread the word about your products and services.

Reaching the right audience is crucial to your success so you don’t waste time, money, and effort on the demographics that will not fit your buyer profile. Targeting an IP address is your best bet when it comes to hitting these goals. Here are the top five reasons why your online store needs to practice IP targeting.

Capture the Right Audience

With this kind of strategy, you will be able to secure the right audience because it will allow your content to be seen by specific individuals who matter. Apart from direct mailing or newsletters, this approach has been proven to boost website traffic, ensuring your content is viewed because of the power to take an ordinary contact list with a physical address and match them back to an IP address. The information is used to launch your effective banner ads on any of the devices within these addresses.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Because targeting the correct IP address delivers ads based on your location, you eliminate waste on advertisements that do not serve your target audience. If you are a local business in Woodbridge, NJ, why would you post ads in Woodbridge, VA? With these specific IP addresses, you eradicate fraudulent traffic while reducing your costs. Everyone knows that advertising is not cheap, so you must be very precise where you allocate your limited resources.

Help Capture Warm Leads

Because your target audience has a vested interest in your products or services, you can capture warm leads at a faster pace. You don’t annoy these people with your messages because you are showing your stuff to the people who care or are in the market for that specific product/service. As a result, people who have shown an interest in your brand before become so much easier to convert when you target their IP. It takes less effort and expenses to convince them to purchase your offerings.

Boost Sales

One of the best results of this method is that it boosts your sales. By pitching your campaigns to the right IP address, you get the attention of actual people who are interested in your brand. When your content resonates with them, they are most likely to share, like, react, and comment on your messages. This helps by expanding your company’s reach. You build trust and loyalty, which equates to repeat sales. Every goal of business is to earn profit and to beat out competitors. By targeting the right IP address, you get favorable results with an increase in profitability.

Leverage Data

With this kind of service, you are able to leverage offline data like subscription lists, customer databases, voters lists, and the like to turn them into IP addresses where you can post digital ads right into consumers’ devices. You increase the exposure of your ad campaigns if you include these specific touchpoints. Most of all, having the right addresses means bots will not have a chance to skew your data metrics and click rates. Consequently, you get a clearer picture of what kind of clients are really engaging with your business. You can use the data to carve up new marketing strategies and business models that align more precisely with your customers.


Keep in mind that IP targeting is different from geo-fencing, albeit the two share similarities. IP targeting comes as a more superior method to geo-fencing in that it uses specific IP addresses rather than clusters of it.


Employing this hyper-focused method for your online business is a critical component to your success. IP targeting is a legitimate and effective way to deliver your ads and content to specific target consumers that you want to reach at a lower cost. Smart targeted display ads will put your message in the right hands, which ultimately yield higher conversion rates and profits.