When it comes to areas of your business that cost money, you always want to make the changes where necessary to help make it more affordable. There will be times in your business where there are struggles and reductions might need to be made. So here are some tips to make shipping costs more affordable for your business.

Work With Different Suppliers

When you’re working with different suppliers, you get a mixture of prices, and it takes some time, but eventually, you’ll find the most affordable supplier through trying different ones out. Think about all the other suppliers out there that help to ship products that you might not have even approached yet. It’s good to sometimes be comfortable in choosing the one supplier to work with, but it’s also good to know that you’ve got the best one in the industry that’s reliable, gets the work done on time and most importantly, is affordable for your business. Your suppliers might change over time, so don’t feel as though you need to have any particular loyalties to some of these companies if you feel there might be better options out there.

Use The Right Packaging For Your Products

The packaging you use for your company is important because it gives an impression to your clients or customers on how you value your appearance. First impressions can count after all so packaging, even though it seems useful just for its functionality of shipping your goods, you can still put some thought and design into it. Not only that, but you want to make sure the packaging you do have for your products fit the shape, size and weight of them. This DIM weight calculator can be a useful way to help you pick the right packaging and not waste money.

Get Good Insurance

Getting good insurance for your business shipping is important because things can very easily go wrong, even if you’ve put all the necessary procedures in place. Accidents can happen, and unforeseen events can occur that can put your packaging and products at risk. Therefore, it’s a good thing to get good insurance so that you have protected yourself fully, should anything happen unexpectedly. At least you know, you’re covered in that regard and to an extent that you can hopefully recover easily.

Know Your Shipping Fees Before Charging Customers

Shipping charges tend to be fairly similar for all businesses depending on the sizes of the products they’re shipping. However, it’s good to do your due diligence and check out much shipping costs would be for each item before you go charging customers. If you’re charging people too much or too little, then it’s going to damage your reputation but also the financial health of your company. If you’re unsure, it’s always good to check to clarify it.

Making your shipping costs more affordable is important to business and to help ensure that you’re making the extra profits where possible. Use these tips to help make the shipping part of your business more efficient.

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  1. Amazon lost $7 Billion last year on shipping. They make up for it with profits from other more profitable divisions like AWS. Monopolistic behavior from Amazon makes it harder for the small guys.

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