Scrubs continue to be the apparel of choice in the health care setting. Simple in design, the uniform has grown in popularity among wearers in a variety of workplaces.

Colors and Comfort

Designed for any body type and size, scrubs are designed to be soft and comfortable. The material is light-weight and restriction-free. Making any job that involves bending, lifting, or stretching a breeze. Choose from button-up, drawstring, or elastic waistband bottoms to give you the perfect fit.

Scrubs come in an array of vibrant colors arranging from bright to bold. Choose from white, yellow, or peach during the summer and darken your wardrobe in the winter months with green, dark blue or black. The colors are endless, can be mix-matched, not to mention, fade-resistant.

Scrub-wearing workplaces separate their departments by certain scrub colors. This approach makes it easier for visitors and co-workers to differentiate job titles. For example, janitorial staff may wear khaki scrubs, while the nurses wear light blue.

Stylish and Affordable

No matter if you’re a licensed social worker or work in laundry and housekeeping, your style does not have to be boring. Tailored-fit scrubs are sporty and showcase your personality. Choose scrub pants that have a wide or tapered leg or, choose the cuff design to give a more athletic look and feel. Some scrub pants are designed with the deep, side- leg pockets that make carrying pens, bandage scissors, a pupil check light, and money, safely and easily. Open pocket design or zippered pockets for small objects to keep your hands free for other tasks.

The scrub tops are softly designed with a round or V-neck collar. Tops are designed with and without pockets and pockets with zippers. Made to be unisex, scrubs are designed to be functional for any job.

Embroidery is available on most scrubs for the purpose of displaying your job title or in place of wearing a name tag. This unique feature is available upon ordering new scrubs online.

Affordability is one reason that gives scrubs an advantage over other uniforms. Their inexpensive cost makes the scrubs easier to replace if heavily soiled and damaged. No sense wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive clothing that will eventually grow out of style, and waste closet space.

Since scrubs are versatile and easily mix-matched separates, fewer uniforms are needed to make multiple outfits for the week.

Durability and Laundering

Cherokee scrubs are made for convenience, flexibility, and reliability. Their strong stitch design keeps them from ripping in the event your scrubs become tangled and snagged. Scrubs are meant to last for many wears and washes. To remove those hard stains, it’s best to use a pre-wash stain remover, then wash in cold water. This will prevent your scrubs from shrinking and fading as well as, removing the stain. Dry your scrubs on a low setting. Most scrubs are designed with wrinkle-free material, which makes ironing a thing of the past. Just fluff and go!

5 Perks for Wearing Scrubs to work

  1. Never having to figure out what to wear in the morning.
  2. Wearing scrubs may give you an ego boost and increase your confidence.
  3. Inexpensive to buy so you can save money for recreational activities.
  4. No more ironing to look “put together.”
  5. Oddly, the scrubs you grab to wear in a hurry still match, even if they don’t.

Matching scrubs

The matching uniform trend has become so popular in schools, offices, and athletic departments. It allows for unity in the workplace, along with increased morale and teamwork. Matching scrubs identify equality in the work field. No one is put at a higher standard because of his or her inability to dress expensively. 

The cost is inexpensive for employers because of the durability and quality of the scrubs. They can be recycled for men and women. The sizes vary and allow for stretching for different work-related situations. Each department can be identified by certain colors.

If you no longer want to be late for work in the morning because you’re indecisive about what to wear or, you are unable to move after eating a quick lunch within 30 minutes, talk to your employer about uniting your workplace with quality, tailor-fitting scrubs.