IT plays an integral role in modern business. In fact, virtually all companies now use advanced technologies in some shape or form. So, if you love computers and boast a natural flair for the mechanics and capabilities of modern machinery, it could be the ideal career. 

After all, it’s a multi, multi, multi-billion-dollar industry that boasts greater stability than all others. Computers will continue to be used in commercial and personal endeavors for decades to come. With new advancements happening every year, there has never been a more exciting time to start your career in this field.

However, you should remember that the IT arena is vast. Therefore, your first task is to determine which aspect of IT you’ll want to focus on. Here are six of the best.

#1. Networking  

The implementation of computer tech in business settings and modern households isn’t limited to a single machine. Various devices and tools interact with each other simultaneously, especially in the era of IoT tech. Networking experts are responsible for building and managing the infrastructure. In turn, the facilities will provide a safe, reliable, and high-performing service. Whether working at a business office or in the field for consumers on behalf of a company, the sector has great potential.

Businesses and consumers alike demand reliable services at all times. Quick fixes to problems are an integral feature. Companies are willing to pay good money to experts that specialize in troubleshooting and correcting faults. Signing up to a platform for on-demand engineers can be very useful for freelance contractors. However, many offices will hire permanent networkers to manage the systems to ensure that all systems are in good health.

Networking can extend to installation technicians as well as IT management to diagnose and correct issues. They could range from system updates to implementing new technologies. It could be an internal network between departments and IoT devices. Or an external network to facilitate online links doesn’t matter. The importance of a solid network ensures that opportunities in commercial and consumer settings are huge.

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#2. Online Marketing

Businesses use computers for a whole host of reasons. In this digital age, though, marketing and direct interactions with the consumer are at the very top of the pile. After all, over 4.5 billion people around the globe have internet access, and most interact with dozens of businesses on a daily basis. Helping companies connect with their audience in a meaningful manner can be the most enjoyable IT career of all. This is especially true if you want to unleash your creativity.

As well as a creative mind, digital marketing relies heavily on IT literacy. From building a website to creating ad campaigns, your intelligent projects can transform a company forever. Roles within the industry can range from graphic designers to coders, SEO specialists to PPC buyers. They are underpinned by advanced IT skills, and allow you to embrace different challenges each day. This includes using emerging ideas like voice searches.

Digital marketers can work for a single employer or work as a contractor serving multiple companies and projects. Artwork creation will often require a deep understanding of software packages. Meanwhile, a deeper understanding of various platforms and changing algorithms is key. It can have a telling impact on the performance and cost-efficiency of intelligent innovations. Whether providing a comprehensive service or a specific service (SEO, video creation, etc.) is up to you.

#3. Security

In many cases, the role of security falls under the umbrella of networking. After all, anybody working in this sector of the industry will inevitably need to protect all devices and data across the network. But it is a specialized area that requires advanced knowledge of key areas, including developing threats. Given that cybersecurity breaches cost firms an average of around $4m per incident, there is a growing need for tighter security. If you can provide it, a long and successful career is assured.

Security can relate to the protection of physical workspaces, such as installation of CCTV cameras. Or it could relate to protecting big data or even intellectual property. You must first develop the skills to become a security administrator. When supported by a genuine empathy for the problems currently faced by small businesses and global giants, you won’t go far wrong. There are many positions via traditional employment or contracting.

The value of a solid security strategy for businesses and families is greater than ever. Aside from the financial rewards, the knowledge that you’ve prevented major problems for the clients is a wonderful thing. From changing the default settings on IoT devices and their channels to creating firewalls, your work can have a telling impact. Likewise, protecting data via online interactions and transactions is a very stable career choice.

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#4. Software Development

Anyone that uses PCs, tablets, smartphones, and smart devices can relate to the fact that new software often enters the market. The software development sector is one that encounters many phases from conception to completion. It is also a sector that offers great opportunities for new graduates as well as experienced pros with transferable skills. Whether you’re an ideas person or a technician that can bring those visions to life, it’s very exciting.

If you are keen to enter this arena, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the SDLC. Also known as the Software Development Life Cycle, it highlights the various roles you could undertake. From market researching to design or beta testing, your input helps create a successful product. You will inevitably work with many other teams and professionals, but the possibilities are incredible. The joy of seeing a new product go ‘live’ is immense. 

Software development can cover bespoke business tools for individual clients. Or it can cover Apps that hit the mass consumer market. In addition to working on multiple projects, most software packages are replaced by updated versions every few years. In the meantime, patches and other updates may be necessary. As such, even working on a single project could potentially provide a career’s worth of engaging and rewarding work. Perfect.

#5. Research & Analytics

We live in a world driven by data, and it enables us to dissect and analyze data like never before. But it still requires a human to set up the data capturing algorithms and turn the data trends into something useful. Research and analytics jobs can crossover into most aspects of running the business. Your aims could focus on staff productivity, marketing campaigns, security, or client interactions. In any situation, calculated data-driven decisions will unlock a more efficient future.

Jobs in research can cover everything from market analysis to running focus groups. Meanwhile, the analysis can pinpoint where budgets are currently being wasted or highlight areas of success. This can range from checking the efficiency of different sales funnels to finding better office rentals. The roles within this sector can offer a diverse range of tasks, but the main objective is always to enhance the business. At the senior level, you can become a genuine decision-maker.

The impact of advanced analysis has enabled companies to perform at an all-time high. It can improve the efficiency of existing models or forecast situations with greater accuracy. When you boast the skills needed to unlock the full potential of the modern techniques, your value to a firm is huge. By helping companies improve their output, you also enable clients to receive the very best products and services. And when they’re happy, employers will pay handsomely.

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#6. Training

You might boast a natural grasp of computing, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does. Furthermore, most workers now find that they need to adapt to the modern landscape. When they struggle to understand cloud technology, new software, and other tech features, they need support. You can be the person to provide it through a range of tutoring pathways. For as long as new tools and facilities are used, there will be a need for effective teachers.

The most obvious way to use your skills and knowledge to their potential is to become a school or college teacher. However, it can be equally rewarding to visit businesses and provide face-to-face workshops and tutoring. Whether it’s guiding them towards a qualification or focusing solely on skills development is your choice. Either way, business managers are more than happy to upskill their staff in this way. This means great earning potential for you.

Another route is to devise and create interactive training platforms. These can be rolled out to businesses or directly to consumers. This way of learning allows students to grow at their own pace while you can receive small payments from a large volume of clients for one project. You can always add further topics and modules at a later date, or create a related program for associated software. Supporting others truly is one of the best ways to support yourself.


The IT arena is a very versatile field in which many individual job roles can cover elements of multiple disciplines. So, once you’ve started a career in this industry, your transferable skills will open the door to many future opportunities. In regards to your prospect, IT has never looked better.

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