A great thing about décor is that it’s always changing; there’s never a shortage of great ideas out there! If your windows aren’t adding anything special to a room, then why not take one of these window treatment ideas and try it out in your house? Or, take a few ideas for different areas of the interior.

Contrasting Window Panels

Create a wow statement by hanging window panels that are a pop of color against the hue of the interior wall. For example, a light blue fabric against a white wall creates an eye-catching look. Match some of the other accents in the room, such as pillowcases, to the same shade of blue (or as close to it as possible). Doing so will help to create a cohesive look.

Vintage Window Treatments

Have you been wanting to try a vintage look in a specific room but don’t want to spend the money on antique pieces? Then choose a pattern of fabric that has old-school charm without the high price tag. Alternatively, try vertical bars inspired by the 1950s that be left open or closed to create different looks. If you want more charm in the interior of your home, then you might want to try a vintage style.

Fun Eclectic Ideas

This type of design refers to different styles and colors mixed in a way that is unique and creative. As you decorate the room, try out a woven weave for the window treatment that adds texture and warmth if you notice these elements are lacking in the bedroom or another space. Alternatively, bring in a pattern you haven’t used yet in the room that you have always wanted to try. Be adventurous!

Black and White

Another idea is to go bold and paint window frames black, especially if the surrounding walls are white. Then finish the high-contrast look with sheer white curtains. The clean and dynamic appearance is a show-stopper. Make sure the windows are spotless to create a fresh, modern look by using window cleaning charlotte services.

Choose a Check Pattern

Keeping with the black and white theme, another window treatment style to inspire you is the country check. It’s a homey pattern that looks terrific in panels. Pull them halfway up so you can still see outside and let in the warmth of sunlight. A fun part of using a check pattern is that the design resembles window panes.

Unique Shape Shutters

Full height interior shutters can give a living space a natural look while being very durable at the same time. They cover the whole window for a cohesive look. Try a wood stain for a contemporary look. A bonus of this style of window treatments is that the shutters do not attract dust and dirt, unlike traditional blinds.

Embrace DIY Style

Get creative with accents for curtains by creating your own drapery ties out of napkin rings, for example. Or, sew curtains yourself out of affordable tablecloths. The ideas are endless, not to mention budget-friendly! Follow these steps to reach your DIY goals and improve the look of your home.