‘Tidy desk, tidy mind’ is a classic phrase that many people believe as a way to improve their productivity. If keeping your desk clear can help you to concentrate, then having a clean and tidy office can have the same productivity boost for your company. 

A janitorial service from a company like Evergreen can help you to keep your business space tidy and clean, allowing for a nicer work environment and more office productivity. Outsourcing your cleaning can be a good idea. 

Office Safety

A messy, cluttered office can actually pose a safety hazard. Trailing cables and stacks of files or boxes left around can be a trip hazard for people moving around the office. Heavy items or files stored too high can also be dangerous, as there is a risk of them falling and hurting people. Make sure that everything has a proper place to be stored, so it isn’t left stacked where it might be fallen over, creating navigation issues, or blocking fire exits.

Increased Productivity

Keeping things tidy means you can find things easily. If every desk is hidden under a sea of paperwork, or your desk drawers are crammed full of things, it will be difficult to quickly find what you need when you need it. File everything properly, get rid of things you don’t need anymore and keep your drawers organized and desk surface clear. If you can quickly lay your hands on that essential document without having to empty your whole filing cabinet to find it, you’ll save a lot of work time. 

Happier Employees

Employees spend a lot of time in the office, often almost as much time as they spend in their homes. If you can make the office a nice place to be, by keeping it clean and tidy, then they’re more likely to feel positive while they’re at work. A grubby, sad-looking office isn’t going to inspire anyone, whereas a clean, bright space to work in is much nicer. Happy employees are more productive and you’re likely to have improved rates of staff retention than you would if your office was somewhere people want to get out of. 

Healthier Workspace

Clutter and dirt in the office can lead to a build-up of bacteria. Keyboards in offices are one of the dirtiest places there is, thanks to lack of cleaning, eating at the desk and many pairs of hands using it. Bacteria can lead to illness, which is bad news for employees and employers. For employees, they may get ill more often, which nobody likes, but for the employer, this leads to more sick leave, which costs more and can dent company productivity.

By keeping things clean, there is fewer bacteria around to make people ill enough to need sick days. As well as making sure the cleaner is cleaning the desk, encourage staff to take charge of their own spaces. Provide anti-bacterial wipes for use on desk surfaces and things like the computer mouse and keyboard.