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Are you worried about your business’s energy efficiency? If not, you should be. There are countless reasons why efficiency is important, both to the planet and your bottom line. For one thing, the energy landscape in the country is changing. More and more state governments are pushing renewable energy, which will affect energy markets significantly. This means utility prices will go up. Many electricity and natural gas providers are already hiking rates in response to the evolving situation. By increasing the efficiency of your business, you will not only cut costs but also become more “green.” Having an eco-friendly set-up will make you and your customers feel better about your business.

But how does one “go green?” What strategies should you use as a business owner to make your company more energy efficient? Below are listed just some of the methods that can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint and your bottom line.

Proper Insulation

A large portion of your energy costs likely come from heating or cooling your business’s buildings. By better insulating your buildings from the outside heat or cold, you can significantly cut down on utility costs. When building new structures for your business, be sure to use high-quality insulation. Consider replacing any old doors and windows in existing structures to make the building as air-tight as possible. That way, your heating and cooling systems will have to do less work.

Conscientious Use of Lights

The constant running of incandescent lighting can be a serious waste of energy for your business. For starters, try to have as many lights turned off at any given moment as you can. There is probably no need to have empty rooms illuminated. Tell employees to switch the lights off when they leave a room and post little signs by the doors to remind them. Try installing motion detectors that turn the lights off automatically in unoccupied bathrooms. Also, consider replacing your incandescent bulbs with their LED alternatives. This simple step can reduce the energy use of your lighting by 75%.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Think of all the equipment or machinery in your business that uses energy, and imagine how much your utility bill would go down if they were all significantly more efficient. Buying cheap, inefficient systems is definitely a case of being penny-wise, pound foolish. Investing in modern, quality machinery will have a very real impact on your energy use. Cost-saving measures like energy-efficient computers or industrial boiler controls can make an enormous difference. When buying new equipment, be sure to never cheap out. It is always best to buy energy-efficient models. And consider replacing or modifying older equipment that is driving costs and energy use up.

The planet’s climate is changing and the energy sector is changing with it. Every year the march toward more efficient energy standards continues. This is driving up utility costs and making energy efficiency more important than ever. But by using the strategies listed above, you can keep your business efficient and thriving.

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