The joy of pregnancy can be overshadowed by pain, nausea, and many other unpleasant ailments that mothers-to-be can face. Women’s bodies go through a lot of changes during pregnancy that makes it difficult to be comfortable. While many of the symptoms of pregnancy are unpleasant, there are some ways to get relief from them.

Adjust your Sleep

It’s a challenging feat to get a good night of sleep when you’re pregnant. You’ll become more irritable with poor sleep which will only exacerbate your other pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately, getting a good night’s sleep is even more difficult the further along in your pregnancy you get.

Sleep on your side with some pillows between your bent knees to alleviate pain. This position should help relieve back pain and heartburn. Since your uterus is enlarged during pregnancy, avoid eating any large meals or foods that can cause heartburn.

Focus on Your Back

Back pain is one of the most common issues during pregnancy. Focus on having good posture and bending your knees to pick up objects. You will have to say goodbye to the high heels for a while and get out your comfortable flats or sneakers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help at the grocery store or other outings if your errand requires picking things up. Stay off of your feet for long hours, and treat yourself to a relaxing, prenatal massage every couple of weeks.

Stay Cool

Your body temperature will naturally rise during pregnancy from hormonal changes and increased blood flow. Excess heat can make you miserable, especially if you spend any of the later months of your pregnancy in the warm months.

Stay out of the sun, and make sure you have easy access to air conditioners wherever you spend a lot of time. Swimming can also help you cool off during the day while also helping you keep active. Stockpile loose-fitting clothes like T-shirts and tights that are made out of cotton to prevent excess sweating. Heavy meals will increase your metabolism, so stick to lighter and smaller meals as much as possible.

Keep Hydrated

Your body needs extra water during pregnancy to carry nutrients, form amniotic fluid, and rid your body of any toxins. You will also reduce your risk of urinary tract infections or constipation. You can switch it up and sip on juice, sparkling, water, or decaffeinated tea if plain water is too monotonous to drink constantly. Keeping well-hydrated will also help your body avoid overheating.

Keep Moving

As your bundle of joy continues to grow, exhaustion, heat, and general discomfort will make you less eager to exercise. However, low impact exercises are a great way to reduce pain and keep your mind off of it. Swimming, walking, pregnancy yoga, ice skating, and other low impact exercises are good exercises for pregnant people. These will keep you from excess weight gain during pregnancy, and they can also potential make your labor go more quickly and easily.

Bringing a child into the world is one of life’s greatest blessings, but it isn’t easy. While it will not be possible to avoid discomfort of your pregnancy altogether, you can take the initiative to make pregnancy more tolerable. Take some time for yourself by taking a bath, going shopping, or sitting outside during the sunset.