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You’re engaged and beginning wedding planning! It’s time to consider every little detail and one of those details is who will be taking your wedding photos. Most couples like to have photos taken of their special day and a wedding photographer is the best person to help you capture those special moments. The most special day of your life should be captured in the best way possible.  Of all the things to go cheap on, a photographer is not one of them. There is nothing worse than getting back pictures that you paid for and being disappointed with the results. These are the five things that you should look for in a wedding photographer to make sure you walk away from your wedding with photos that you love.

1. Experience

Weddings are hectic and your day will be filled with last-minute changes. According to Angela Cappetta, a wedding photographer in NYC, people want to know about their investment with a photography studio. People want the best photographer for them on their special day. Therefore, you want to look for a wedding photographer who has the experience and will be able to adapt to changes and still capture gorgeous shots of you and your new partner.

2. Venue Knowledge

If possible, we recommend choosing a wedding photographer with knowledge of your venue. There are many different possible venues and having an intimate knowledge of those venues creates better photographs. Look at wedding photographers to see who has photographed your venue. Ask photographers if they have any “go-to” spots at your venue that look beautiful in photos.

3. Aesthetic

Wedding photographers all have their own aesthetic and style. You want to make sure that the aesthetic of your wedding photographer matches what you want for your big day. Do you like the traditional photographs of everyone smiling at the camera or do you prefer images that are not posed? Do you want candid photos of the event? Do you want both raw images and retouched images or simply one or the other? Do you prefer real film? Know what you like and make sure that you see that aesthetic displayed in your photographer’s lookbooks.

4. Photographer’s Wedding Package

Most wedding photographers offer varied wedding packages for your wedding and understanding what you will get is important when choosing a photographer. Look for someone who can explain their packages to you and advise you on what makes the most sense for you. Ask about whether there will be digital files included and whether or not editing is included. Ask about your photographer’s contract and look for a photographer who uses contracts.

5. View Full Wedding Albums

Most wedding photographers have beautiful photos that they can display on their website or in a lookbook and pull you in. However, what does a real wedding album look like from that photographer? Ask to view a full wedding album (at least one) to see what you might expect to receive if you move forward with that photographer.

Choose your wedding photographer carefully. Find someone who captures the aesthetic that you like and who has both the experience and knowledge that you need to take beautiful photos. Take a look at her beautiful wedding photography and proposal and engagement photography on her site.

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