When you’re a parent, you have to wear many hats. During the week, most parents morph into chefs, cleaners, and tutors. Since parents are basically miracle-working superheroes, the idea of tackling the rising expenses related to teen extracurricular activities might seem like no big deal. However, if it does sound like a big deal to you, consider these three tips to save the day. These are ideas the school administration, PTA, and involved parents can figure out together.

Yearly Savings

If you know that expenses will always go up, it’s best to add a bit extra to the savings account to prepare. Instead of waiting until it’s time to sign up for activities, add money to the savings account each month. Create a line item that’s specifically designated for extracurricular activities. When you have the money tucked away, you’ll never be caught off-guard. In fact, it’s a wise idea to open up a separate bank account that’s specifically designated for your children’s school fees, uniforms and more.

Finding Sponsors

First, get this endeavor cleared by the coaches of the actual team. It’s not uncommon for local businesses to sponsor teenage sports or extracurricular activities. Whether it’s through advertising the name of the company on the jerseys or promotion in conjunction with the school, there are ways to find sponsors to cover the costs of expenses while serving their advertising needs as well. Make the local community a part of the enrichment of the teenagers.

School Fundraisers

When it comes to sports, tons of people love to come out to support their favorite players. Family members, extended family members and friends are all expected. Take advantage of all this foot traffic by offering to sell food during the games. Host a BBQ meal outside of the game. Prepare really easy yet universally beloved dishes such as hot dogs or barbeque chicken sandwiches on kaiser rolls. Sell cold beverages for $1 or $2. Sell pre-packaged snacks like chips, cookies and candy. Order cheese and pepperoni pizzas from the local pizza place. Sell the pizza by the slice in order to rack up in profits. If the parents know that all proceeds will go towards the kids’ extracurricular fees, this might be a bigger incentive for them to purchase.

Never be embarrassed about admitting that the cost of a specific expense is getting too high. Truth be told, you’re probably not the only parent who is feeling the crunch. If you get the other parents involved, you all can enjoy a solution together. Plus, it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive, passive or complacent.