Couple considering selling home after divorce

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If you are in the middle of a divorce, you could be wondering about what to do with the marital home. Neither of you might be interested in living in the home anymore, or you might not be able to afford it without a dual income. Either way, these tips can help you with selling your marital home after the dissolution of your marriage.

Talk to Your Attorney

First of all, it is important to talk to your attorney before you put your marital home up for sale. If your divorce has not been finalized yet, then it might be better for you to wait before you put your home up for sale. Depending on the details of your divorce, you might be required to share some of the proceeds of the home sale with your ex-spouse. Laws vary from state to state, and divorces vary from couple to couple. This is why it is best to talk to your attorney about your specific situation.

Consider Making a Few Small Improvements

Putting hard work and money into fixing up a home that you will soon be moving out of can be tough. This is particularly true if you are exhausted from going through your divorce or if you are short on time now that you are a single parent. However, if you want your home to sell more quickly and for a higher price, it might be worth it for you to make some improvements to the house before putting it up for sale. Sometimes, even doing something simple like painting the interior walls in a neutral color can b well worth it.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

If you want to sell your home more quickly, you will probably find that working with an agent is worth your while. According to Celeste Huss Real Estate, a Logan, Utah, real estate agent, having someone to help you sell your home can help make the selling process go faster and you may be able to get it for a higher price. Take your time to look for an experienced real estate agent who knows the local market for the best results.

After a divorce, it often makes sense to sell the marital home. Following the tips above should help you with selling your home during this challenging, pivotal time in your life. Soon, you should be able to sell the home and start moving forward with your life.


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