Carpets quiet home and keep your floors warmer than wood, tile or vinyl. However, keeping your carpets clean and dust-free will require a hearty vacuum with plenty of dust and debris drawing power. Getting a vacuum ideally suited to your carpet is critically important.

Carpet Pile Considerations

A shag rug is commonly made of very soft fibers. Vacuuming it roughly can tear up the fibers and lessen the life of the rug. If shag carpeting is in your future, it’s a good idea to plan for a vacuum that will protect and clean the long fibers, such as the Soniclean Soft Carpet line. 

If you have a low pile carpet and need to protect your home from dust, one of the power canister Miele vacuums will keep your carpets free of dust and other allergens.


Our four-footed family members bring us joy but can be very hard on housekeeping requirements. Many dog owners have to send vacuum cleaners to the dump because pet hair simply destroyed the machine. If you have pets, invest in a vacuum that offers a pet hair management system, such as the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, to protect filters within the vacuum from getting clogged up or otherwise overloaded.

How often should you clean your carpets? 

Bringing in a professional to clean your carpets can be costly and disruptive. Worst of all, it may be unnecessary and can even cause excessive wear, as well as putting you at risk for mildew. 

To start, experts recommend that you vacuum carpets at least twice a week. In addition, vacuuming should be done very slowly to draw as much dust as possible out of your carpets. 

Finally, if you choose to clean your own carpets, go easy on the soap. Carpet cleaning soap is formulated to pick up dirt. If you put too much soap into your carpets, they may look dirty very quickly because they become sticky and collect dirt and dust from the air and from the shoes and paws of anyone walking across the carpet.

Keeping your carpets vacuumed at least twice a week with a quality machine will keep the dust levels low. Work each space slowly to allow the vacuum to do the job. Invest in a machine that suits your rug construction and your lifestyle.