It’s important to have a supportive employer, and while we all know that deep down we should be in a place that can and should support our development, sometimes the problem isn’t business, but it’s personal. When we hear so much about companies spending money on leadership development it’s surprising that there are still so many bad bosses in the world. But what do you do when you have issues with your boss or line manager?

Make Requests Instead Of Giving Feedback

Managing the problem can seem like a massive leap. Sometimes we try to broach the idea with our boss but they aren’t receptive. Sometimes the situation is incredibly extreme, that they are bullies or narcissists, or even worse they are someone who thinks nothing of inappropriate comments that amount to sexual harassment. Sometimes we think that giving feedback will make changes but when a boss is not so open to hearing about their feelings you’ve got to be specific with what you want. Gauging the situation is crucial when you think about the time to broach this conversation. But you’ve also got to be prepared and anticipate any sort of reaction.

Look At Other Opportunities Within The Business

When you have issues with the line manager, the opportunity can present itself to move sidewards rather than up. There could be a way to escape your boss without having to leave the business. The important thing to consider at this point is that you aren’t jumping from one sinking ship to another. Be sure to meet with other colleagues in different departments and see if the skills you have can translate. There may not be an opening but you could pitch an idea or a process that may work for another department, giving you a foot in the door to spearhead it.

Speak To HR

There are many people that, no doubt you’ve heard have had veritable nightmares with regards to their HR department. It’s important to consider this avenue but be sure to research their reputation first. You need to make sure that they are able to support your complaint before you approach them. It’s not just about making a complaint, but you need to show what you’ve done to rectify the issues. They may provide solutions that you hadn’t considered or they may have to go down official channels, especially if it’s a serious allegation.

Know When You’ve Done Enough

It’s possible to try numerous channels but you’ve got to know when enough is enough. If you start fearing the work environment or you don’t feel safe anymore or you start to think about your boss more than anything else, you’ve got to minimize the stress for the sake of your well-being. When people decide to quit the temptation is to go out in a blaze of glory, shouting and screaming. But you’ve got to remember not to burn your bridges.

We’ve all had issues with a line manager and sometimes the “good will out” but on occasion, they can be people that are nightmares to work for. 

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