If you own a seaside home, there are certain things that you can do to help maintain its upkeep. Regardless of whether you live in the home permanently, use it as a vacation home or rent it out to tenants, it’s important to perform the essential maintenance that will help your structure remain standing. Here are four yearly maintenance items that every seaside home could use.

Pool Cleaning

Cleaning your home’s swimming pool at least annually can help prevent problems that could render your pool unusable. Debris blowing in from the beach and ocean could get into your pool’s water and create unsanitary conditions for swimming. All filters should be cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, sand, salt and other debris that might clog them. A robotic pool cleaner can do the job of scrubbing the bottom and sidewalls of your pool for a thorough cleaning. The water should also be changed and purified with chemicals to ensure better water quality.

Seawall Repair

The seawall that protects your home from ocean waves may need repairing so that it can continue doing its job of safeguarding your premises. Even small cracks and holes in the wall could become major problems quickly, and this may be especially true because of the continuous exposure to water that can erode materials quicker. Hiring professional contractors to handle your seawall repair work can save you from having to do the work yourself and is a great way to ensure that everything will be fixed properly.

Walkways and Patio Sealants

Just like with your seawall, the effects of moisture and salt from the ocean can eat away at the pavement on your walkways and patios. Sealants can be applied to help prevent cracks and other signs of erosion that could cause the pavement to crumble. You’ll also make conditions safer for walking and lounging when the underlying surfaces have been sealed to prevent damages.

Roof Repair

Seaside retreats can also be more prone to storms blowing in from the sea, and the high winds and heavy rainfall from these storms can leave your roof in a dilapidated state. Missing shingles and leaks are among the most common roof damages that properties near the sea are more susceptible to, and hiring the right roofing professionals to address these problems will be a wise decision. By scheduling the essential repairs and taking preventative measures to avoid further damage, your roof can stay intact and keep your entire property in better condition.

Air Conditioning

If you live near the seaside, chances are you’re doing it to be close to that warm air coming off the sea, and the chance to readily run down the beach as fast as you can to dive into the cooling water. But it’s not all the time that you can do a victory run down to the sea for all of the beach to see. Often you will be cooped up in your home with the heat to fend off, and it can be so hard to keep a seaside home cool when you have the heat from the sea air. Often, it can be the complete opposite and you’ll have a cool sea breeze air. But often, unless you’re close to the water, you won’t feel that breeze. So you’ll rely on your beautiful aircon, which is often forgotten about when it comes to maintenance. Forget about it too long, or leave it working needing repairs, and you’ll cause all sorts of troubles. From spurting out cold air, to leaving a terrible smell in the room, air conditioning units will pack up. Metro Express Service is just one company you can rely on to service and carry out repairs. It’s good practice to have this done every year or so after the warranty on the machine. You also need to make sure that you’re caring for it properly. Don’t leave dust and grime building up or it won’t be long until it does really break, and that can cost a fortune to try and repair.

Annual maintenance should be on every seaside property owner’s list of things to do. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor by addressing the maintenance and repairs that can preserve your ocean home for the long term.

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