The new year has just arrived, and Old Man Winter is already out in full force. If your old sooty fireplace or rattling furnace isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to consider a heating upgrade. Are you ready to bring your home into the new decade with warmth and style? Here is your 2020 guide to the best heating amenities for your home.

Keep it Clean with Radiant Heat

Minimalism is making a comeback in 2020, and there’s no better way to polish off your minimalist look than getting rid of those unsightly heating vents. A radiant heating system can heat your home with a series of liquid-filled pipes located beneath your hardwood floor. The best part is that you’ll never have cold feet in the morning again.

Get Cozy with a Gas Fireplace

Hygge, the Danish word for a cozy and warm aesthetic, is all the rage for 2020. Nothing says hygge like the soft glow of a crackling fireplace, but smoke and heavy logs are anything but cozy. Get the warmth without the work by installing a gas fireplace. You don’t need a chimney or a fire extinguisher for your new gas fireplace. Just light the pilot, adjust the flame and curl up with a good book.

Go Eco-Friendly with Solar

Sustainability is one of 2020’s biggest trends in interior design, so why not extend the eco-friendly aesthetic to your home heating? Active solar heating is one of the most sustainable ways to keep your home warm. These systems use solar panels to heat air or liquid that is pumped around your home for radiant warmth. If your local climate is less than sunny, don’t worry. You can include a back-up heating source like electricity or gas so you never feel a chill.

Save Money with a Heat Pump

Many people are looking to cut back on their expenses this year, and an efficient heat pump system is a great way to trim your energy bill. A heat pump works like a reverse air conditioner to remove the cold air from your home, which requires much less electricity than generating heat from coils. When you have heating services install your new heat pump, you’ll also get central air conditioning for those hot summer days.

Are you ready for a warm and cozy 2020? Don’t hesitate to call a heating professional and get your new heating system up and running. Remember, winter will be over before you know it.