Is your child musical? Do you find yourself immersed in hours of singing during play concerts, vigorous drum sessions on kitchen pots and pans, and stores of aspirations about being a prominent and successful musician?

Holiday time is the perfect season to foster a bit of this creativity and make gift-giving a little easier. Whether your child is three or thirty-three, you’re likely to want to give them gifts that are relevant and that capitalize on their unique interests.

For the little Mozart in your life, we suggest a smattering of the following gift ideas this holiday season.

1. Wind instruments

So your toddler is toddling around the house, singing like a little songbird. Give them added depth to their growing musical experience by bringing woodwind instruments into the picture. 

From recorders to ocarinas, harmonicas to tin whistles, this is a simple way to encourage your child to continue to develop his musical talent and expand his improvisational horizons. Check out this wind instrument guide for inspiration; now all you need is a pair of earplugs for yourself!

2. String instruments

Junior has stuck with his musical pursuits for a few years now, and grade school is opening up new worlds of possibility and sound through musical exploration. What better way to encourage his development than with a string instrument like a ukulele or beginner guitar? 

Both instruments have simple beginner models that can be purchased and utilized, and there is no shortage of available teachers for both instruments, should you wish to provide an ongoing experience. Who knows where this exploration will go? Both guitars and ukeleles can be purchased at reasonable prices; now the only choice you need to make is a color!

3. Recording devices

Little Mozart is likely going to want to get some ideas down for later use. It’s a frustrating experience for any musician to have great ideas one minute, only to forget what he or she just created five minutes later. 

With a recording device like the Kapture Wearable Recorder, immortalizing sound is as easy as the touch of a button. Capture and send files to your phone via Bluetooth, and the rest is musical history.

4. Production software

As your musician grows, he is likely to want to begin experimenting with the world of digital sound, patching, and midi capabilities. There is a wealth of both PC and Mac-friendly music production software that can get your composer headed in the right direction with regard to sound and music creation. 

A simple format for beginning digital music layering starts in Garage Band, an Apple product compatible with Mac and iTunes. Music files speak across all digital formats, and if you have a CD burner, you’re just a step away from true music production and product roll-out!

5. Serum Skins

As your discriminating musician grows in aptitude and preference, he will want to take mixing to the next level. Xfer Serum Skins are designed to work with Delicate Beats software; this software puts high-quality sound and a plethora of mixing options at your fingertips, all from the convenience of your computer. 

Mix, patch, loop, and layer to your heart’s content, and impress family, friends, and possibly the world with your new combinations of innovative and edgy sound.

The best part about this gift-giving for you, the giver, is the resulting creativity, talent, and innovation you will see unfold as you give your child the tools he needs to realize his musical potential. 

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