A new year means a new slate for your kids’ health and wellness. They may roll their eyes at the thought of a check-up, but they’ll thank you when they’re happy and healthy. It’s important to start this New Year off on the right foot for your kids by making a few appointments.


Wellness Visit


A yearly wellness check goes beyond the basics of weight and height. These yearly visits are also screening for possible medical issues. Doctors also check milestones. Are they talking at the right pace? Do they have behavior issues? Do they have attention issues in school? Do they have hearing issues? If anything is found at these yearly exams that stands out to doctors, they can refer the children to a specialist. The yearly visit also gives the parent a chance to ask questions about their development. It’s important to keep a relationship with your doctor on occasions outside of when your child is sick. They may not always get to see their choice of doctor during sick visits so this is a chance for the child to make a special connection with them so they don’t think the doctor only shows up when they’re feeling ill.




Your child may fear the whirring and stirring tools at the dentist’s office, but it’s important they sit in that chair for a visit each year. The dentist will check their teeth for any issues. Cavities and other mouth issues can show themselves over time. The dentist will also do x-rays to ensure teeth are coming in at the correct time. They help prepare you if your child will need braces. A yearly talk from the dentist will help drive home the importance of brushing their teeth. The child also needs a yearly visit so they become increasingly comfortable with the dentist. Those scary machines won’t seem so crazy after a few visits.


Eye Doctor


Even if your child doesn’t have any eye issues, it’s important to check this each year. Eyesight can deteriorate over the year without any notice. They might not even know they’re squinting at the blackboard. It’s important to get an exact look into their eyes. Besides knowing the strength of their eyesight, eye doctors will also look at the overall health of the insides of their eyes. They can often detect issues before they become problematic. If the child needs glasses, the eye doctor will be able to guide them through the transition.

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