Parents want the best for their children, but clothing can be a challenge because children are constantly going through it. Dressing children who are growing like weeds is a constant balance between price, comfort and style. Are you struggling to keep your kids comfy and camera-ready without breaking the bank? Read on for some tips and tricks to find the best outfits for your little ones.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Kids outgrow their clothing in the blink of an eye, so many parents are tempted to buy cheap clothing. However, lower quality items tend to have a poor fit and don’t last very long before they develop rips, tears and other signs of wear. Quality brands not only look better and last longer but also hold their value so you can sell them when they no longer fit and recoup part of your investment.

Shop Online

The internet is a great resource for purchasing children’s clothing, but don’t just stick to the big retailers like Amazon. By seeking out smaller boutiques, you can find unique designer baby clothes online at affordable prices. Sizing is a common concern when buying online because your child can’t try on the items. Remember to err on the larger side so you child can grow into them if you’re unsure of the fit. Many stores also have excellent return policies so you can easily exchange your items.

Shop Used Clothing Stores and Factory Outlets

Buying used is a smart way to get brand name and designer clothing at a fraction of the retail price. Because children grow so fast, there is a wealth of barely used clothing available on the second-hand market. You can often find items in thrift stores and consignment stores that are brand new with the tags still attached. If you want new clothing at the used price, check out factory outlets for deep discounts.

Network with Other Parents

Other parents are a wonderful resource for finding children’s clothing. Many parents are looking to sell clothing their children have outgrown, and you can get a lower price buying direct instead of from a thrift store. Other parents can also share stores and deals they have found.

Finally, don’t get caught up in chasing the latest trends or overflowing your child’s closet. Choose simple basics that never go out of style and can be worn in many different ways. Simple clothes without a lot of fussy details are also more comfortable for children.