Although you may own some of the most beautifully sparkly jewelry, if you do not know how to wear those pieces they are doing you no good. Many people do not know the proper way to wear sparkling jewelry for daytime looks and often avoid it altogether. There are some easy ways you can pull off beautiful daytime looks with your gorgeous jewelry.

Why Do Women Like Jewelry That Sparkles?

There is something about the sparkle of a diamond or the shimmer of gold that takes a woman’s breath away. Many women absolutely love jewelry and it is the number one gift for women for all occasions. If you are ready to purchase a sparkling piece of jewelry for a special someone in your life, see more at

The Right Way to Wear Sparkly Jewelry During the Day

While there are some basic jewelry rules that have been in effect for many years, some women tend to break the rules. Although a woman likely should not wear formal jewelry to the office, there are some easy ways she can incorporate her sparkly jewelry for daytime looks.

  1. One of the most important steps is making sure you do not overdo it. If you are going to wear a sparkly piece, do not combine it with others. An understated look with the rest of your jewelry will allow for the sparkly piece to be the center of attention.
  2. Radiant earrings are the perfect accompaniment for a daytime look without being overly obvious. If you choose to wear sparkling earrings, make sure your hairstyle allows them to show.
  3. Drawing attention to the hands is possible with a beautiful sparkling ring or bracelet. It is important to choose one or the other. Choosing both could cause the two to clash and prevent the look from being stylish.
  4. Sparkling jewelry can be worn in the office as part of a daytime classy look. Many women shy away from wearing a conversation piece with a casual dress, but this is actually the perfect pairing.
  5. If you choose to wear a bit of sparkly bling during the day, make a choice between bold or dainty. You can get away with wearing a few dainty pieces together but stick with one big, bold piece for the best results.

Breaking Jewelry Rules Is a Lot of Fun

Just because there are “jewelry rules” in effect does not mean you have to follow them. Breaking the rules is fun and can lead to some beautiful looks. The key to getting the right daytime look with your jewelry is balance. Do not pair a sparkly outfit with a sparkly jewelry look. Too much sparkle can make you look inappropriate in a daytime outfit.

Consider What Works For You

It’s a great idea to focus on what might work for you or not, which is often defined by how you want to express yourself. It might be that integrating the best silver bracelets for men can help you refine your style more than anything else, for instance, or using jewelry in a mixed-and-match manner, such as wearing a ring on a chain, can help you feel more at home in your style.


Who says you cannot wear sparkly jewelry for daytime looks? If you have a beautiful jewelry piece that is just begging to be worn, wear it with confidence. Try on different looks and take pictures to compare them before heading out.

Once you are able to effectively incorporate your own personal style with your sparkly jewelry, you will find it much easier to wear jewelry with confidence. Never be afraid to try new looks. Sparkly jewelry is not just reserved for fancy nighttime gatherings. Wear it proudly at any time of the day.