All Moms are Superheroes. They are poised to spring into action at a moment’s notice to intervene whenever there’s the remotest suspicion that their child could be in harm’s way. They may not rip their clothing asunder to reveal brightly colored tights (that’d require way too much sewing and mending after the fact) nor do they say a magic word before transforming in a flash of lightning (you’d never get the scorch marks of your parquet flooring). But they are always on duty in the never-ending battle to protect their children from the ravages of a world that can be threatening and unfair to their precious little ones.  

But as hard as you try to protect them when crossing the road, navigating the schoolyard or swimming in the pool, sometimes the most clear and present threat is the one that you don’t see coming. The one that strikes when you least suspect it. The one that lives in your home with you. Here are some ways in which your home could be damaging your kids’ health…

Airborne nasties

Be honest now… how clean is the air in your home? All too often, we spray a little spray into a room or plug in a room deodorizer and assume that the air is perfectly healthy. But there are many airborne particulates from dust to animal dander that could be harmful to children’s health, aggravating asthma and irritating the lungs. An Air Purifier can be a great way to remove all airborne nasties from the air as well as unpleasant odors from cigarette smoke and food waste to kitty litter. Check out all reviews by to choose the right air purifier for your home. Also, avoid using potentially harmful plugins. Use naturally sourced scented candles or essential oils to give your home a beautiful scent. 

Kitchen Nightmares

The kitchen can damage our kids’ health in more ways than one… especially when we don’t use it. No matter what your budget, it’s imperative that kids get a healthy diet that’s comprised mainly of plants. Only plants have the essential phytonutrients needed to ensure healthy immune function and lasting health as they grow. 

Of course, the kitchen can also be home to all kinds of microscopic invaders like listeria, campylobacter and other nasty bugs that can come from unwashed hands and undercooked food. 


We all know that clutter can be damaging to the mental health of adults, making us feel distracted, restless or frustrated. But there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that it can also be potentially damaging to children. As well as creating an environment that’s harder to keep clean, clutter can impede emotional and intellectual development, potentially impeding concentration and emotional expression. 

Molds and mildew

Finally, parents should be wary of the dangers that can crop up in even the most frequently cleaned bathroom or kitchen. Areas that tend to get a lot of heat and moisture can become prone to molds and mildew which can also be an irritant to the lungs and trigger asthma. You don’t even need to use harmful chemical cleaners or bleaches to banish mold. White vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda are all-natural and effective ways of getting rid of harmful mold without chemicals.