The wintertime is upon us and that means that it’s going to get chilly. Keeping your home warm is essential to enjoying your time indoors in comfort. If you’re lacking in the heat department, here are four high-tech home features you should consider purchasing for your home this winter season.

Space Heater

While many may think of a traditional space heater as a box with metal grates, that’s not always the case. Space heaters have evolved over the years to take on many different shapes. For example, you can opt for a space heater that looks like a wood stove. You can get a space heater that looks like a standup speaker. This way, you can incorporate the space heater into the design of your room so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Low E Windows

Having double glazed windows with low E can ensure that your home heat stays indoors. Many homeowners lose a significant amount of heat through their windows. This can lead to high heating costs that can break your bank in the rough winter months. With low E glass windows, you get two main benefits. First, the heat from the sunlight is left into the home. Second, the heat from inside the home is protected from going outside.

Smart Thermostat

If you notice that you’re having trouble keeping an ideal temperature in your home throughout the wintertime, a smart thermostat can help. This piece of smart technology will work with your regular habits to identify what temperature is ideal for the various hours throughout the day. For example, you may prefer your home to be cool in the daytime to save money on heating. However, in the evening, you want your home to be warm when you walk in. A smart thermostat can easily do this for you.

Radiant Floor Mat

If you aren’t lucky enough to have radiant floors in your home, then you can help to make up for the lack of a radiant floor mat. These are available in many different sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly underneath your existing rug. Just plug it into a wall outlet and let the heat from under the rug rise up in the room.

Heating your home this winter season can be done with these four high-tech home features. These are what we consider some of the basics that will help to reduce your heating bills but keep you warm throughout the cold winter months. It’s a good idea to include all of them in your home heating strategy this winter.