Being able to say your little one is potty trained is a momentous occasion. In addition to not having to change diapers, your child is also able to use the bathroom by themselves. And as wonderful as it is to have a couple seconds to yourself, letting your little one in the bathroom unattended isn’t always the best idea.

Curious by nature, it’s not uncommon for children to think that toilet is for more than simply going to the bathroom. In fact, children see the toilet as source of entertainment, oftentimes flushing things that should never be flushed. If you have small children at home, below are five ways they can clog your toilet.

Piled High

Trying to flush too much toilet paper can cause serious plumbing issues. Even if the toilet paper goes down, it may start to accumulate deep inside your plumbing. Over time, this can lead to a massive blockage that may make an appearance in your shower or worse, kitchen sink. Make sure you child is only using a small amount of toilet paper when in the bathroom, and that they don’t get ahold of spare toilet paper rolls if they end up playing in the bathroom.


We really can’t blame children for wanting to flush food down the toilet. The way the toilet makes just about anything disappear, kids probably think they’re perfectly justified when they try to flush their least favorite vegetable. If your sink or toilet continues to clog, even when the toilet paper is on lock down, you might want to do a little investigating. Let your child know that food cannot be flushed down the toilet.


When it comes to plumbing woes, flushing toys are also high on the list. Even toys as small as Legos can cause a massive backup of sewage into your home. Always teach your children to keep their toys out of the bathroom.

Diaper Wipes

Even when your child is potty trained, it’s not uncommon to still use wipes. Sadly, even wipes that claim to be flushable usually aren’t, especially if, like the toilet paper they use too much. When you realize the tub of wipes you just bought is empty, you may need to contact your plumber for a closer look.


Kids like band-aids; they’re like stickers that their parents let them stick all over themselves. They might also choose to stick them elsewhere, and might try flush them, even whole handfuls of them. Your child’s favorite band-aids should never be flushed. Although they’re small, they can still cause serious damage to your plumbing. Always teach children to throw they bandages in the trash.

While your kid flushing things down the toilet may be innocently meant, it can still end up as expensive damage to your plumbing system. Teach your children that the toilet is a necessity in your home, not a toy. Explain to them what does and doesn’t belong in the toilet and how to properly use it.