It’s always exciting when a family expands. When a new member joins the family, it’s another opportunity to create new memories. However, not all new family members are human. Pets are just as part of the equation, and they deserve a warm welcome into a new home. If you and your family have decided to welcome a new dog, consider the following tips to help them get acclimated to your home.

Create a designated space

It’s always nice to have a bit of privacy. If your dog knows that he has a safe space in the house that they can call their own, it might help them feel more welcome. Whether it’s a corner in the living room or a corner in the laundry area, find one spot where you can place his toys and his bed. When it’s time for bed, he’ll know where to go.

Provide delicious food and plenty of water

There’s nothing like home-cooked meals. While you might think this concept only applies to your children, it also applies to your dog. Provide the best food for him. Always keep his water dish filled so that he can remain hydrated. Keep dog food piled up and ready for when it’s time for him to eat. Also, consider seasoning his food. Companies like pawTree provide delectable seasonings that are specifically for dogs. There’s nothing quite like great-tasting food that can make a dog feel like he’s at home.

Develop routines

Routines are essential. When you wake up in the morning, set aside time to take the dog for a walk. When you come back home from work in the evening, create time to take the dog outside for a jog. Create time in your schedule to play and have fun with the dog. Think of a person you love. If you love them, you create schedules and routines to spend time with them. Treat your dog the same way.


Ultimately, you’ll have to adjust. If the dog is peeing on the carpet in the first few months, just find ways to quickly clean it up and teach him where he is allowed to pee. Whenever a new baby is born and joins the family, the family does adjust a bit. It might be rough at first, but be willing to make changes to accommodate your new family member.

This process will probably take a bit of time. Though dogs can adapt, it’s best to give them a window to get used to the new surroundings. In time, your dog will feel like a part of the family that you couldn’t live without.

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