Getting bored with your regular job or not having a job at all suggests that you might be looking for a career change. Most people change jobs several times as adults, often hoping for a different line of work. If you are ready for a career move, here are some exciting options that offer a whole new perspective on your work life.

Government Service

The federal government has numerous job openings at any given time. The positions are diverse and typically pay well, with good benefits. Visit their website to browse a variety of positions in administrative work, overseas jobs, and security positions. Some may require a college degree while others just look at prior work experience. Find out if you qualify for a whole new job experience in a government job.

Commercial Trucking

If you feel called to drive the open roads of our country, check out owner operator truck driving opportunities. This type of job lets you own your own truck and drive it for companies of your choosing. You might want to deliver food products, lumber, or fabricated housing units among countless other truck delivery options. You also likely have the option of driving in your region or crossing U.S. highways to see the nation. Owning your truck provides the potential to earn more income while also choosing your destinations and routes.


People who enjoy growing things and helping lawns and gardens to look their best might like to work with their hands to design beautiful landscapes that add to a home’s value. Similar to working on a artist’s canvas, landscape design and development lets you use software or your imagination to create well-manicured lawns with aesthetic appeal for homeowners and their neighbors to appreciate. Outdoor lawn designs extend the home’s style and make the yard, patio, walkways, and trees or plants a joy to behold.


With an aptitude for engineering and land mapping, a surveyor position offers the opportunity to spend time outdoors measuring parcels of land for various uses. A farmer’s field may need to be surveyed for accurate boundaries with surrounding properties. Entire villages or regions may be mapped for identification and local government management. Surveying might require a bachelor’s degree, but some companies do not look for previous experience and instead provide an internship for new employees.

Whatever your interests, chances are there is an exciting new career waiting for you. From cosmetology to tutoring, don’t hesitate to explore job options that you would like to consider.