Today, we live in a fast paced digital age. However, despite all that, traditional manufacturing still plays an extremely important role for modern society and the economy. It’s not only high tech gadgets that are manufactured. Nearly everything that makes life comfortable and convenient is manufactured.

However, manufacturing is by no means easy. This fact is proven by all the shuttered factories across the country. If you want to survive in manufacturing, you need to find ways to make your production processes more efficient and safer as well. With that in mind, below are three industrial manufacturing parts that can do just that.

Smart Sensors

Something that is completely transforming how manufacturers create products is the smart sensor. These tiny sensors include equally tiny microprocessors inside that have the ability to run diagnostics and communicate data to a monitoring system or a human operator.

With this exchange of real time data regarding manufacturing processes, amazing things can happen. Adjustments can be made immediately that increase efficiency and lower costs. Parts that are close to breaking can be replaced before a breakdown ever happens. Accidents in the workplace can be greatly reduced.

Rotary Shaft Seals

Something else that can make a big difference in your manufacturing processes is the use of rotary shaft seals. They work by helping to maintain a thin layer of lubricant between a lip and shaft. As the shaft rotates, the sealing action is enhanced.

This is greatly beneficial for manufacturers. The seal keeps out contaminants that could harm manufacturing equipment. As such, it can prevent material loss and increase efficiency and cost savings. It also creates safer manufacturing equipment that is less like to breakdown and harm workers. Consider contacting rotary shaft seal manufacturers if your current seals are ineffective or nearing the end of their lifespan.

Emergency Stop Switches

Something that is absolutely integral to workplace safety in an industrial manufacturing setting is the use of emergency stop switches. While we would hope to prevent all equipment malfunctions, it’s not always possible. When high-end manufacturing equipment malfunctions, injuries can occur. People can even be killed. Being able to stop the equipment from running before a person is killed by that machine is extremely important. Without an emergency stop switch, this can be nearly impossible.

Overall, look for parts, equipment and equipment upgrades that have the ability to lower costs, speed up production, and increase safety. Manufacturing is not an easy business, so you need to do everything you can to get an edge.