With an excessive amount of plastic littering oceans, nature trails and roadsides, creating less waste is essential to the health of the planet and people. Luckily, by making an honest effort and educating yourself, you have the power to change the world. Read on for a few tips for a low-waste holiday.


Create Edible Items


Lower the amount of waste piled up in your trash cans and at landfills by cooking. You can get creative by baking cookies to place on the Christmas tree as decorations. Enjoy your time by asking your kids to join in on decorating. Additionally, you can cook gifts of homemade pies, cheese or bread among others. If you lack cooking knowledge, grab a beginner’s cookbook from your local library, read a blog or take a class online or locally. After you’re done using the food, you might just desire to eat it.


Reusable Wrapping Paper


Unfortunately, deforestation and other factors mean it’s time to find alternatives to paper. Continuing to destroy trees is dangerous since this will eventually ruin the ecosystem. Plus, there will be no way to create more paper. Take action by forgoing conventional wrapping paper for creative methods. Reuse boxes and paint them with eco-friendly paint, or decorate them with items found in nature. Or reuse a handkerchief, T-shirt or other item you don’t need.


Buy Second Hand


Although receiving new items such as designer clothing can be exciting at first, it lacks originality and makes life meaningless for everyone. Instead, consider giving your friend, family member or coworker a secondhand item. Find used clothing, toys and other possible gifts at places like Goodwill, yard sales, antique stores or online. This tip can be used for anyone on your list. For example, you may be able to find transformers toys for sale for your young kids. Some adults also love receiving vintage toys.


Gift an Experience


Giving someone an experience means you’ll accumulate less garbage and waste. Spend your money on something memorable such as tickets to a movie theater, holiday play or sports game. You may also purchase an all year museum pass or trip to a foreign country. Consider the person’s personality and choose something you know they’ll love. You can brainstorm more ideas by jotting some down on a dry erase board or chalkboard.


The right knowledge will help people make significant progress to conserve the earth’s resources. Besides this, you can resolve to do the right thing. If everyone pitches in, the environment and wildlife can still be saved.