It is definitely possible to give your home a boost to make it architecturally stunning. You can add artfully designed lighting, choose eye catching appliances and plumbing fixtures, and even float a stair for to open up a space. Here are 4 ideas to create an upscale design that will add curb appeal and impress your guests.

LED Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be so much more than a decorative wall sconce at the front entry and flood lights at the garage. LED landscape lighting can enhance any property and make your home stand out. Well placed LED lighting can have both an attractive at night. Of course, it also makes the property safer. Landscape lighting can also add ambiance to make a yard or terrace.

You can mix the light styles and placement. Uplighting incorporates fixtures that are positioned in the ground and directed upward to illuminate trees, shrubs, and pergolas. Moonlighting is a downlighting technique where fixtures are hidden in tree branches to create a shadow effect when light shows through the leaves. Step and path lights are specifically placed to highlight walkways and stairs without flooding the entire area.

Stainless Steel Appliances and Accents

Trending now is the use of stainless steel in kitchen design. Stainless is sleek, modern, and has a clean look. The finish also reflects light to make the room feel larger. And, stainless is quite functional and durable.

It is easy to find refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, and sinks in stainless steel, either polished or brushed. For a really unique design statement, consider custom metal fabrication of a range hood or a custom stainless island countertop. All of these make for a gourmet look and feel.

Floating Staircase

The main staircase of your home can be a striking architectural feature, especially if it is in a highly visible location. A floating staircase is contemporary, light and airy, and frees up plenty of floor space.

A floating staircase feels like it is suspended in air. This architectural element open up a room or foyer by not blocking views. These often have open risers and glass balustrades to allow for light to filter through. For a very contemporary look, a floating stair can be custom fabricated from steel.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Fixtures

Interior designers and architects have totally embraced bathroom fixtures and furnishings that are hung from the walls. Stunning vanities with integrated sink glass countertops can be attached to the wall with no base. Faucets are also being mounted on the wall above the sink or tub, freeing up counter space. And the best is tankless toilets that are suspended on the wall with a push button flush mechanism.

These streamlined fixtures open up a bathroom and make for cleaning of the floor a breeze. Wall-mounted fixtures are more expensive than traditional floor-mounted models. However, the look is clean and sophisticated. Expect compliments from your guests.

Bringing some fresh and creative ideas to your home to make it more architecturally stunning can be a simple as adding thoughtfully placed landscape lighting or as dramatic as placing a floating staircase in a prominent position.