The Christmas season is now in full swing, and with it, you probably have lists and chores coming out of your ears! That is why today we want to share a few tips with you about how to stay on top of everything this Christmas. 

Make lists, lists and more lists!

You are definitely going to need lists over the holiday season. 

There are so many benefits to making lists, and along with them helping you to organize your thoughts and act as reminders, they should also help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your focus.

Try to keep all of your lists in one place otherwise you are just going to be feel more chaotic. You will probably want lists of gifts to buy, food to prepare, cards to write, dates for your diary and then a chore list.

Work your way through that chore list

Everybody has that chore list, either on paper or in their minds, of all of those tasks and jobs that need doing around the home. It might be needing to get your roof winter-ready, you might need to put up some shelves, it might be having to hire an insulation contractor or perhaps it is repairing the back gate. 

The problem is that they weigh on our minds and we never seem to quite get round to them. It is worth getting round to them now. You will feel better about having everything done if you are hosting over the holidays and now often tends to be a quieter time for many contractors so you can probably get someone booked in quite easily.

Ask for help

You have done this for long enough to know that if you do not organize it, it doesn’t happen. We understand that, but having the responsibility for it does not mean that you cannot delegate it. 

You might be the one in the home that usually organizes Christmas. You might plan and cook the meal, you might work out what to buy people and you might be the one decorating the house. But just because these tasks normally fall to you, it does not mean that you have to do all of them alone. Ask for help.

Think about some of the work that other people could do, and you might find that they actually enjoy doing it. Wrapping gifts might be a chore to you, but your daughter might love it and add extra little decorative touches.

Do not strive for perfection

This is our final tip, and one that we ask you to bear in mind all month and over the holidays. 

Now, we are not suggesting that you let everything slide and see how it all pans out as who knows what chaos would then ensue! But equally, striving for perfection puts unnecessary and unrealistic pressure on you. 

If you have used your lists and got everything covered, then relax. What will be will be, just roll with it and enjoy spending a special time of year with your loved ones.