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Do you need more room to exercise, meditate, or meet clients? Converting your garage into a usable work or living space is easy with the right tips. Here are four useful ways to upgrade your garage beyond parking room.

Install garage insulation

If you plan to spend time inside the garage, then you will want it to be comfortable. Adding insulation will reduce drafts and keep the temperature more even. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation works. You will also save on energy costs, so your new space will save you money from the get-go. Besides using fiberglass or expanding foam, a silicone sealant around the doors and windows will also help cut down heat loss.

Apply epoxy floor coating

Using a garage floor epoxy makes it easier to clean up the floors. This protective layer stops stains from penetrating the concrete. When cleaning, this material lets spills bead up, and there is less friction when the broom goes over the smooth surface. Some items may be easier to move out or around when rearranging. Epoxy coatings help mechanics maneuver out of under vehicles when using creepers.

Add a workbench

When you want to use your garage to make things, then having a workbench where you can keep all your tools is essential. The workspace on top of the bench should be at a comfortable height for sitting and standing to give you flexibility. Choosing a model with several drawers will give you space to store craft supplies, mechanics wrenches, and small garden tools.

Put in temperature control technologies

To make your garage as comfortable as possible, a Smart thermostat will work wonders. This equipment tracks garage use and turns the thermostat down when the space is vacant. The term for this technology is geofencing. These devices save money all year long.

One pro tip is to make sure your HVAC system is compatible with your smart thermostat. You may also want to use a wireless extender if you are using a model with WiFi. If you are close to the modem, then the extender is not necessary, but going past 20 feet may mean occasional outages.

Transforming your garage into a functional area increases the living space you have at home. You can create a play area, game room, crafting den, wood shop, yoga studio, or office. These tips offer affordable ideas anyone can use for upgrading the garage.