Having to do emergency home repairs is part of being a homeowner, but it’s never a good thing. If you want to avoid a bit of stress, you might want to get the repairs done before they become a major problem.

Being that my husband and I both work, I know that repairs like these are hardly a priority for the modern, busy family. Below, I’ve put together four ways you can reduce your stress by getting ahead on some common home repairs.

Check the Roof

If you’re going to start doing preventative maintenance, you might as well start at the top. It’s currently a great time to take a look at any problems with your roof and to get them patched before they cause major problems. Fixing your roof now before there’s water damage to the interior of your home is a great idea, as it stops you from having to pay for more expensive repairs and helps you avoid waking up to a damp home.

If you are anything like me, you will be a few years behind on your home maintenance. The roof is something that has been on my to-do list for more than a few season. Rather than add it to you growing 2020 New Year’s resolutions, why not take care of it now?

Tune Up Your AC

The last thing you want to experience this summer is having your AC cut out on a hot day. If you’re wise, you’ll go ahead and have an AC repair service come out during the colder months. This will not only allow you to troubleshoot some common problems before they become catastrophic, but you’ll also benefit from any off-season specials that the service might be running.

If your AC unit struggled to make it through last summer, you might get a better deal if you replace it during the off-season. Call around and ask local HVAC companies. Make an appoint to have it done before the end of the year, and thank yourself in 2020.

Deal with the Garage Door

Few things are worse than going outside to see that your garage door doesn’t work. If you want to avoid getting your car stuck in the garage, you might want to take a look at your garage door system. Make sure that the sensors are in alignment and that the door is not struggling to open. If there is a problem, get it fixed now before the weather actually makes it harder to do so. If there is ice on the tracks, you might have to wait for a sunny day to get to these repairs.

Pay Attention to the Gutters

As a rule, most homeowners pay precious little attention to their gutters until there is a problem. If you want to save yourself some aggravation, it’s time for you to check out your gutters to ensure that they’re working properly. If they are in bad shape, it’s cheaper to get them replaced on your own time-table than to get some kind of emergency repairs done. As a bonus, fixing them now will also help you to avoid damage to your roof and to the exterior of your home.


It’s always better to prevent problems than to repair them, and every home has its own unique set of problems. You know your house best, and you should know what to prioritize. Just make sure it is an actually priority and not “someday” list. If you can do some basic work before the weather changes, you can avoid some of the most stressful parts of being a homeowner. Invest in a little extra work today so that you can relax in the future.