Marketing is an incredibly popular profession and it’s highly in demand too. However, because of this competition for positions can be fierce, especially for careers in management. If you are interested in marketing but aren’t sure about becoming a marketer, here are four related, alternative options.


Public Relations


People who work in public relations are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image of their employer. They do this through providing interviews, drafting press releases and communicating with the media. They often work closely with marketers and advertisers to create a unified branding approach for the organization. Public relations is a good alternative career to marketing because instead of selling a product you are controlling the public persona of a company.


Social Media Specialist


Social media has become integral to the marketing strategies of any organization. Social media specialists manage an organization’s social media channels and might recommend what channels a particular organization should use. They post content, respond to comments and more. They need to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and features of each social media platform. They may also do some advertising as the major social media sites have advertising platforms.


SEO Specialist


Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated to SEO, is the backbone of online marketing and advertising. These professionals leverage the power of search engines and keywords to increase the visibility of their organization online. SEO specialists can work for a specific company, a firm that provides SEO services or in SEO reseller services where work is outsourced to a third party. Businesses know their content needs to be shown as close to the top as possible in search engine rankings in order to reach customers, making SEO professionals all the more valuable in the coming years.


Art Director


Art directors plan the overall design of marketing materials, magazines, film and television productions, and more. This is a good career for those who gravitate more to the artistic side of promotion. You will typically need to have prior experience in an artistic field before becoming an art director, such as having worked as a graphic designer or photographer. This is also one of the highest paid professions in the arts.


Becoming a marketer is not the only job option if you are interested in marketing. There are many other niches and types of specialty outreach to consider. Look at all related professions to your field of interest in order to choose the one that’s best for you.