As a new parent, you’re likely researching every aspect of care when it comes to your child. You’ve got down the milk pumping and feeding, however, you know it’s getting time to start feeding your child solid food. Here are four of the first solid food items you should consider feeding your baby.


A true favorite of many babies, bananas are a great first solid to start off with. Due to the soft nature of this fruit, it’s easy for babies to consume without having their teeth developed. You should be halving or quartering the slices of banana to ensure that your baby can fully swallow the fruit without choking.

Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to vegetables, sweet potatoes tend to be a favorite for most mothers. This is because the item is easy for their child to chew and simple for mom to prepare. You can opt to boil or bake the sweet potatoes. Of course, you can purchase the prepackaged baby food containers of sweet potatoes as well. Just ensure that you mash up the potatoes into manageable chunks for your baby to ingest.


Your baby can upgrade to solid foods that are made of grains. This is going to be items like baby cereal, bread, and crackers. Be sure to break the item into small pieces for easy consumption by your toddler. Try to first pick items that are of a softer compound, like bread, as they’ll be easier for your baby to chew than harder items like a bagel.

Shredded Chicken

Chicken is a great first meat to start your baby out with. You want to shred it up so that they can easily manage to chew and swallow it. It’s a great idea to consider cooking boneless chicken. This way, there’s no possibility of a small bone fragment getting into their food. If you cook bone-in chicken, be sure to scour the shredded chicken for any hard bones before feeding it to your child.

Weaning your child from milk is a new experience that every mother undergoes. While it may be hard to give up the breastfeeding time that you’ve come to love, you know that your child needs to eat solid foods to thrive in the future. The above are four great solid food options that you should start with as they’re easy for your child to ingest and simple for you to prepare.

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