As a new parent, you have lots of questions. From when to start feeding your children solid food to what toys they should get, there’s a lot on your plate. We’re going to share with you some tips for addressing your questions regarding toys to help take some of that stress off of your plate.

Choking Is a Big Hazard for Kids Three and Under

Choking is a potential hazard that you’ll need to worry about for kids aged three years and under. This is because these toddlers tend to put items in their mouths. As kids get older, there is less of a worry about choking as they tend to develop the knowledge not to put things in their mouth any longer. When deciding on appropriate toys for younger children, look out for any small items that could be a choking hazard.

Pay Attention to Old Toys

While it can be a family tradition to pass down new toys, it’s not always the best choice. Just because they’re cheaper than new doesn’t mean they are non-toxic baby products. Newer toys follow new safety standard guidelines. These include using standards like using lead-free paint and making stuff animals flame resistant.

Toy Levels Are Judged on Safety Factors

If you’ve ever walked through the toy aisle at your local store, you’ve likely noticed that most of the boxes housing toys have age ratings on them. They’ll typically state things like ‘Recommended for Ages 1 to 3.’ This is a great way to easily determine what type of toy is best for your child at their current age. These age recommendations are presented solely based on the safety risks involved in the toy. They’re not judged by an intelligence factor. This means that just because your kid is excelling in other areas of development doesn’t mean you should get them toys that are recommended for kids of a higher age group.

Ensure Proper Maintenance of Toys

While you may have followed the appropriate instructions for choosing the right toys for your child, that’s not going to do you any good if you don’t maintain those toys. You should be checking them regularly for any defects or maintenance issues. For example, stuffed animals shouldn’t have broken seams as the interior material can be a major choking hazard for your child.

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is safe. Picking the appropriate toys for them to play with can help you to make your kids safer than ever. The above four tips should assist you in determining what types of toys are best for your children.