Halloween is one time of the year when you can go all out with decorations that make your house look more scary than cozy. Whether this is your first year in a new home or you just want to upgrade your current decor, you can create some of the best decorations with DIY methods. These four DIY Halloween decoration ideas are sure to get your creative ideas flowing, and you can bet that the kids in your neighborhood will feel extra daring when they come to trick or treat.

Make Some Flying Ghosts

Ghosts are one of the easiest Halloween decorations that you can make, and you have several options to make some using common supplies that you probably already have around the house. For instance, you can wrap white sheets around plastic balls to create flying ghosts that you can hang from the trees. You can also soak cheesecloth in heavy starch and set it on top of a balloon to let it harden into the shape of a ghost. These are great for setting out on outdoor patio tables, or you can also hang them from a tree.

Add Customized Spooky Silhouettes

Fewer things are creepier than thinking that you see something scary hanging out in someone’s yard. With custom metal fabrication supplies, you can create thin silhouettes of witches, goblins and black cats to place throughout your yard. Consider creating a witch’s coven with each one of your family member’s names etched in each one. Alternatively, you could have a ghoul set up to look like it is stirring a cauldron that emits dry ice fog.

Create a Gigantic Spider

A spider is another fun one that is easy to make, and your kids can even get involved with this project. Grab a black trash bag, and fill it with all of those fall leaves that you have landing in your yard this time of year. Then, add some oversized googly eyes to the top of the bag, and attach pool noodles to the bag to serve as the legs. If necessary, you can paint the pool noodles black to give it a more realistic look.

Set Up a Graveyard

Tombstones can easily be cut out of sheets of foam or wood. Create a few silly sayings and names to put on the tombstones and remember to scatter a few bones around to make it extra spooky. The graveyard is also the perfect place to add some strobe lights to make sure that everyone can read about the demise of those creepy characters who are not-so-peacefully resting in your front yard.

All of these Halloween decorations can easily be used together to create a full-on display that dazzles your neighbors. Try adding a few spooky silhouettes sneaking around the graveyard along with some flying ghosts swinging from the trees. Then, sit back and enjoy watching as everyone admires the work you put into your creepy display this fall season.