Marketing has changed dramatically since the turn of the digital age. In the last few years alone we have seen the global take over of mobile marketing, and the boom of social media, making the marketing landscape a very different one to manage.  Thankfully, there are now more marketing technologies than ever on the market to help businesses reach their goals. It is vital that companies choose to adapt to the fast pace of marketing change in order to stay relevant and keep up with the demands of their target market, those who fail to do so risk being left behind or outcompeted by their competitors who choose to adopt new marketing methods. So whether you are an established multi-national enterprise business or a start-up company just starting out, here are 9 marketing software that you could use to boost your business.

  1. ClickFunnels
    ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder designed specifically for entrepreneurs who don’t know how to code their own but still want to create beautiful landing pages inside of their sales funnel. Combining the convenience of a shopping cart, autoresponder, and email service in a single sales funnel platform, along with other sector-specific features, ClickFunnels is quickly becoming a leading name in sales funnel generation. Not sure what kind of sales funnel you need? Then find out more through the comprehensive review by productmood.

  2. HubSpot
    HubSpot is one of the most recognizable names in marketing and is a popular service used by many start-ups and enterprises alike. HubSpot recognizes that for marketing to be successful it needs to collaborate with other areas of the business such as the sales and customer service teams. Which is why HubSpot isn’t just a marketing software but instead offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. HubSpot also recognizes that not everyone is a marketing expert and with the landscape changing so frequently many marketers need access to resources to keep up, which is why HubSpot also launched their HubSpot Acadamy. Specializing in inbound marketing, HubSpot has more than 64,500 customers across more than 100 different countries and is quickly becoming a world-renown company for all things inbound marketing.

  3. MailChimp
    MailChimp is an American marketing automation platform who is most well known for its email marketing platform although they do also provide a CRM and landing page service. Email marketing is a powerful ROI driver averaging a $52 return for every $1 spent which makes it a marketing tool that most businesses can’t afford to ignore. MailChimp aims to make email marketing easy through their easy to use email marketing platform which offers foolproof drag and drop functionality to make it easy for anyone to create professional email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Their built-in analytics dashboards are also great for monitoring your email marketing performance and make monitoring your audiences easy. A great platform for those taking their first venture into the world of email.

  4. CAKE
    CAKE has set out to revolutionize performance-based marketing by making it easy for companies from all over the world, both large and small, to measure their marketing efforts and make the most of their digital spend. Whether you are conducting affiliate marketing, lead generation or multi-channel marketing CAKE has a solution to support you and can readily integrate with other 3rd party systems making campaign analysis truly a piece of cake.

  5. WordStream
    WordStream is clear about its promise to help you manage your PPC and grow your business in just 20 minutes a week. Whether you are trying to convert website visitors into conversions, advertise on social media or optimize your shopping cart, WordStream can help you to grow your business by providing you with the tools you need. WordStream is not only a solution for in-house marketing professionals but is also used by marketing agencies looking to boost their performance, if you outsource to a marketing agency then you could be saving yourself money by bringing this process in house and using WordStream yourself.

  6. ThriveHive
    ThriveHive is a guided marketing and lead management solution that has been specifically designed with small businesses and start-ups in mind. Understanding the specific challenges that face smaller and start-up businesses who may not have any in-house marketing professionals on hand, ThriveHive will build a custom marketing plan to suits each of their client’s unique business goals, they then work with their clients to implement their solutions and guide them each step of the way to make sure they understand the processes that are being put in place.

  7. Vivial
    Vivial is a marketing technology company offering a robust range of customer engagement solutions to help businesses connect with their customers, build customer loyalty, manage their content and track their results. Specializing in local affordable marketing solutions, their mission is to help their customers grow their businesses, whether that be through affordable local marketing technology or a customized marketing campaign.
  8. Sailthru
    Sailthru is a dedicated platform for email, web and mobile marketing enabling companies to manage and monitor their email campaigns and grow their email audiences in one place. Utilizing smart data, Sailthru help their clients to create a personalized marketing experience in the form of targeted emails. Understanding that emails are no longer just read on laptops and computers, Sailthru makes generating mobile-optimized emails easy. One of the largest email senders on the market, Sailthru are popular with large businesses that need a platform that can handle a large quantity of email traffic.

  9. Marketo

Marketo is perhaps one of the biggest and most established marketing automation companies currently on the market which makes it easy for their clients to monitor and manage their marketing campaigns. Offering many of the tools that marketers need, Marketo has solutions to help businesses manage their leads, implement an inbound strategy, monitor their social media marketing, create sales dashboards and report on their analytics, making it an end to end solution. Popular with enterprise-level businesses Marketo is a serious marketing player and one that can take your marketing to the next level.