When it comes to the future, property is one of those things that will be a good idea to get into as early as possible. The property ladder can often seem like such a big goal to have, but the more you focus on making it a reality, the likelihood it will happen. So with that in mind, here are some of the property investments that could help sustain your future. 

Buying a property to live in and make money on

One of the biggest things you can do in your life is to buy the home that you live in. There is no hiding from the fact that it will possibly be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your lifetime. But investing big means bigger rewards, right? You also might need to consider the location, some properties are a steal when they are a little more remote, but you might also need to think about the use of Snowcats in the winter to ensure that you can still access your home and have contact with civilization. 

However, the truth is, with property, the valuations do tend to increase over time. That being said there are things you can do to speed up the process. One way to do it would be to buy a property that is in need of renovation or interior update and modernizing. You will need money aside to actually invest into the project. For example, you may want to build extensions or replace bigger high-value items like kitchens and bathrooms. They will all cost money initially, but the actual cost will be less than what the value could be increased to. Many people do this in the home they live in, improve it over a year or two, and then sell and move on to the next. Each time, banking the money and then increasing their outlay in terms of the overall investment of the property. This will then increase to provide you with a built-up nestegg of finances for your future, just by simply improving the property, you live in and therefore making wise property choices. 

Considering additional properties for an income

Property investment doesn’t need to stop with just your own property that you live in though. Tasking the right steps there is good, but if you can, you could consider a new property that could provide you with investment. Renting out properties to people struggling to get on the property ladder not only gives you the long term investment of the house or apartment, but it actually gives you a short term investment and profit as you receive the rentals each month. 

There are a few different ways you could make money from additional properties, renting out for residential use, or even considering things like a holiday let where you rent out at certain points of the year, but the overall cost can be higher as the rental amount is for a week or two at a time. Furthermore, of you do get a taste for renovating properties, there is nothing to say that you couldn’t do it on a smaller scale while living somewhere else. Smaller houses are always in demand for the first time buyer market, and often a modern and up to date home is more popular than something that needs work. 

Let’s hope this makes you more aware of how property can be a decent future investment.

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