It is perfectly normal for the recovery process following a C-section to last up to six weeks. In addition to dealing with the increased workload and the disruptions that a new baby typically causes the established household routine, providing your spouse with a little extra care and support can also be important. Doing what you can in order to help ensure a shorter and more complete recovery can often make quite a difference. If you can take parental leave, take it. It’s not emasculating to take care of your household. Remember, you have a new baby and your spouse got out of major surgery. There is plenty you can do to help them both recover.

Getting Plenty of Rest

While a C-section may seem like a mundane procedure, it has the same impact on the human body as any other major surgery. Lingering pain and discomfort can often be serious issues, ones that will require long periods of rest and inactivity in order to address. Attempting to do too much or trying to resume an established daily routine too quickly following a C-section may complicate the recovery process and lead to further problems. Spouses who wish to show their support would do well to tackle a greater portion of household chores and other duties in the weeks following the procedure.

Encourage Short Walks

Well rest is essential following any major surgery, there is such a thing as being too inactive. Short bouts of very light exercise, such as a walk or a stretching routine, can help to relieve the pain and soreness caused by minor muscle aches. Light exercise can also help to promote better metabolic function which may help the body to heal itself more effectively.

Healthy Snacks and Meals

Good nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Foods that contain high quantities of sugar or excessive amounts of fats could be a problem for those who are recuperating from a C-section. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, complex carbohydrates and avoiding snacks that may be little more than empty calories can all help to improve energy levels. Preparing balanced meals for the household and providing your spouse with plenty of healthy snacks is a simple way to show your support.

Know When to Call a Doctor

Even mundane surgeries still carry an element of risk. Developing a secondary infection following a surgery can be a life-threatening issue, one that will require prompt medical care. Pain that may be chronic or severe, difficulty breathing or the presence of a persistent fever following a C-section may all indicate that a serious problem or complication may be present. While rare, surgical errors occur. Medical malpractice may include surgical tools left inside you or other medical issues that will arise from a botched surgery. If that is the case make sure to take action to ensure your health. Get a second or third opinion if you think something is wrong.

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