Choosing the plants to put in your garden can be fun, especially when you think about all the awesome benefits they can bring you in the future. Many plants provide medicinal healing at home. Here are four of the easiest ones to grow in your garden this year.


This is considered one of the best medicinal plants to ease conditions caused by stress and anxiety. You can opt for crafting your own tincture out of it or simply add it to your tea. This works to ease headaches, muscle aches, and menstrual-related symptoms like hot flashes and cramps.


Sage is a natural soothing herb that works to treat throat inflammation. When given the right nutrients for flowering stage, sage will produce in large numbers. You’ll want to use the leaves to get the most medicinal power out of these plants. When you allow the sage leaves to dry out, they can provide a higher dosage of healing power than if you were to utilize freshly picked leaves.


This is a medicinal plant that will not only help with problems like anxiety, inflammation, and indigestion but looks beautiful too. Chamomile is a white-flowered plant with a big yellow head. The head is the most potent part of this plant that can be used for treating medical problems. One of the best methods of use is to dry out the chamomile buds and use them to steep in your tea.


We’re sure most people who have ever dealt with sunburn are familiar with the healing powers of aloe. This plant helps to soothe skin irritation and can be used to assist the digestive system as a natural laxative. When utilizing aloe for skin burns and rashes, you can simply cut off one stem of the plant. Rub the gel-like solution on the area where the burn or rash it located at. If you would like to use aloe for its laxative compound, the best way to do so is in a glass of tea. Steep your tea as usual and drop some of the jelly-like compound from an aloe leaf into your hot cup.

When it comes to finding natural solutions for healing medical problems, your own garden can be the best place to start. The above four healing plants are ones that are fairly easy to grow and harvest for medical use. We encourage you to consider planting some of these medicinal plants in your garden this coming year.

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