On many residential properties, a wood deck in the backyard provides a beautiful extension of the home’s living space. While this type of outdoor living space is ideal for some homes, it is not practical in all situations. These are some lovely alternatives that you can explore if a traditional wood deck is not a feasible option.

A Stone Patio

A wood deck seems like a great option for yards that are relatively flat, but it may not be practical if you live in a wet area where wood may rot easily. It also may not be suitable if you live in an area with numerous rodents or other critters that may gnaw on the wood. A stone patio is a smart alternative in these situations. Numerous types of natural stones and pavers can be used to create a beautiful space, and this space may be dressed up with patio furniture, potted plants and other preferred items.

A Composite Deck

A stone patio is a suitable alternative to a wood deck only if the ground is relatively flat. If you need to build an elevated or multi-level deck, using composite wood materials is a smart idea. Many deck builders are experienced with both natural wood and composite wood, so you may easily be able to schedule professional installation. Composite wood is a synthetic material that is hard, durable, and easy to maintain. It will not rot and cannot easily be damaged by rodents and pests.

Composite or Wood Deck Tiles

The installation of a traditional wood deck using long slats may be impractical, but small deck tiles may be a sound alternative. Deck tiles may be installed on top of a roof, which makes this a great option if you want to install a second-story deck on top of an existing structure. These tiles are available in natural wood or composite wood, and they are generally easy to install.

A Decorative Concrete Patio

If you want a deck alternative that is easy to maintain, a decorative concrete patio is a great idea. Concrete is more expensive to install, and this is particularly true if the concrete is stained and scored. However, it generally only needs to be power washed for ongoing maintenance, and it has a much longer lifespan than wood. The long-term financial savings may be most significant when you want to cover a large area.

If you have decided to install a new outdoor space or if you want to expand the existing space, it makes sense to explore all feasible options. Each of these materials provides unique benefits that may be more advantageous than a traditional wood deck in some cases.