The death of a grandparent can be a traumatic time in a child’s life. As a parent, you want to help your child through it however you can. This can be difficult to do when you’re also grieving. To help everyone begin the healing process, use these tips when talking to your kids about the death of a grandparent.


Let Them Grieve


We sometimes expect our children to be strong and brave when we’re really forgetting that they are young, inexperienced, and learning how to cope with life’s challenges. Losing a grandparent is just that- a loss. Children need to be allowed to grieve however they feel safe doing so. Let them know they can cry, vent, take quiet time, or do anything else they feel comfortable doing. There is no time limit on grief– give them as long as it takes.


Get Them Involved in the Memorial Planning


Adults are able to stay busy following a death because they are tasked with planning a funeral or memorial and entertaining grieving guests. Children may be left feeling excluded during this period of time. If they want to help, let them know they can. Give them some age-appropriate tasks to do, such as choosing floral arrangements or writing something to say at the memorial. Allowing them a chance to say goodbye in their own way is a major step in the grieving process.


Talk about Life Beyond the Grave


Whatever you believe in regarding life after death, discuss it with your kids. Even if it’s not their own belief system, knowing what their parents believe can help them decide how they want to think of their grandparent in the afterlife. If you believe in psychics, consider taking them to see clairvoyant psychic readers that may be able to tell your kids how their grandparent is coping on the other side.


Determine If They Need the Guidance of a Professional


Not all children are able to cope with the death of a grandparent on their own. Some need the assistance of a qualified professional such as a family therapist. Encourage them to seek professional help and to never be ashamed of it. Their grandparent would not want them to waste another minute being sad over their passing.


There are so many ways to help kids through the death of a grandparent. The most important thing is being there to always listen and support them.