Being a good boss is the dream of anyone who gains that first management job. No one wants to be the public enemy of our co-workers, and making the step from colleague to a boss can be a huge change in dynamic in the office. 

As you become a manager and begin to find some footing in the world, it is important for you to think about how you can make your employees happier. A happy workforce is a productive one, and one of your main priorities should always be to make sure the team is happy and healthy in the office. Here are some key ways to make sure that your workers are happy in the office, and to avoid issues like a revolt, contacting workers compensation lawyers, and a strike. 


As a manager or a business owner, you can become so obsessed with the idea of success, that you can sometimes forget your employees and their needs. It is incredibly important when you manage a team that you don’t treat them like worker ants. Everyone in your office has a life of their own, their own goals, and unique skills. Each of them should be able to live their life and work in a balanced way to stay happy and healthy. By having shorter working hours, this can show your willingness to keep employees happy and prove that you care about life as well as work. 

Include them in decisions

There are a lot of times as a boss that you will be faced with an issue or a decision that will affect the entire office. It is crucial therefore that you do not take for granted the importance of your employee’s opinions, as they may be able to help. When making a big decision, including your employees in this will make them feel valued and it may also result in a better decision for the office. Something as small as painting the walls to relocating is a team effort and should be treated as such. 

Be transparent and honest

The worst trait a lot of managers seem to have in the office is that of secrecy. It is tempting to keep things to yourself, especially if it may affect people in a negative way. However, it is worse for you to protect your employees from bad news than to let them know and come to terms with it. Be sure that you are always honest with your team and also be transparent about your goals. If your employees know your aim, they might be able to come up with more effective ways to reach goals. 

Offer more holidays 

Honestly, 20 days of holiday a year is not enough for anyone. If you imagine how much time that is compared to the 365 days we have a year, it is tuppence. If you want to make employees happier, offer extra holidays and this can be a great way for you to make the office a better place for all. 

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